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Monday Report | 06·06·11

By James


Fathers Day

If you’re in search of a unique Father’s Day gift, this guide by Wantist may help. (It also doesn’t hurt that the site is easy on the eyes — it was care fully crafted in HML5 using Typekit.) (hat tip @designworklife )

Check out the Guide


Almost Genius: Procter & Gamble Gambles On Cheery Vintage Packaging

Normally, nostalgia works great as a marketing device. But with laundry detergent? Not so much. Inspired by the throwback trend for other target brands, P&G sends us to the 60’s with their cleaning products.

Read the Story (via FastCo)


I really can’t be sure if we have covered this before, but if you havent seen the packaging for JAQK cellers you are really missing out.  Hatch, who design & co-create the brand, describes it like this :

JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand that wraps one thing people love — wine — inside another, gaming. This lifestyle approach to branding wine is virtually unheard of in the industry, creating a huge opportunity to stand out in a hopelessly crowded category.

I have loved the unique look to the designs for quite some time, and just recently had their wine shipped all the way to Georgia for a first hand taste – fantastic!

Check out the Design |  Visit JAQK Cellars |  Visit Hatch


Prints for Joplin, MI

Moosylvania has launched a shop selling 15 unique prints to benefit relief for Joplin, Mississippi. Many of the designs are clever and quite beautiful.  All proceeds from the sale will be donated to United Way to help the cause.

Shop the Prints ($25)



clever ad and website for a billboard company (sad that their corporate site’s all Flash though… and who resizes browsers these days?)

Check it Out

Facebook Hacks

Looking for some creative ways to edit your Facebook profile page? These funny and clever profiles might provide some much needed inspiration.

Check it Out


Interview with the legendary Dieter Rams

Need we say more, watch, learn and repeat.

Watch the Interview

3D Interactive Projection magic

Minority Report here we come
Check it Out

The Blank Sheet Project


Typography News

One of our favorites, Jessica Hische, has released her third font, Brioche, a perfect font for weddings, snobby cocktail menus & anything remotely old-fashioned. Comes in both Roman & Italic styles.

Get Brioche ($79)  |  Visit Jessica


Ideal Sans
The foudry that killed Helvetica, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, has released a new Sans Serif: Ideal Sans.  Time will only tell if it will become as popular as the ubiquitous Gotham (although, it looks a little to “Gill Sansy” to me).  Also, can somebody tell me how H&FJ got “typography.com”? Anyway, I’m a sucker for amazing humanist sans serifs

Get Ideal Sans (Expensive)  |  Check out H&FJ


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