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Epic Evil Laugh

By Susan

Every evil genius mastermind needs to have one. It’s in the world domination handbook.

Help us support some talented young filmmakers by CLICKING HERE to vote for their 30 second EPIC Movie.

The top 10 entries will be judged by none other than director Michael Bay (Tranformers, Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor…etc, etc)

Our friend Justin Lutsky (Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives, and Night of the Living Trekkies) directed this fun mini movie as a part of Sprint’s EPIC CONTEST along with producer Keegan Wilcox (Porcelain Unicorn).

You can vote once a day and voting ends on November 15th.

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5 Second Projects

By Diana

We recently came across an innovative idea that has become very popular in the motion graphic’s scene. It was created by Nick Campbell (of Greyscale Gorilla), a motion designer and iPhone app designer who lives in Chicago.
Nick is very interested in helping others fight the dreaded mind-blocks and constraints that sometimes make the creative mind go crazy, and he has devised a system that helps people let go of those influences and let their creativity flow.
He gives his readers a theme, which can be a word, a phrase or a category and they create a 5 second video of whatever their mind takes them to. Nick then picks a winner and features this video along with some of the entries on his blog. Sometimes they may have prizes, but overall it’s just a great way to fill your mind with visual inspiration from people around the world.

It’s amazing to see the great variety of interpretations his readers had of the phrase “retro” or “straigh lines only.”
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Paragon Pumpkins

By Diana

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a pumpkin, a knife and a spoon walk into a bar…

Let me start again. The entire Paragon team walked outside on a cloudy day to take part in what we had signed up to do the previous week: a pumpkin carving extravaganza!

Our individual approaches were very different. James was excited about his brand spankin’ new set of pumpkin carving tools.  Susan took the time to listen to what the pumpkin had “trapped inside.” Phil was the judge on the do’s and dont’s of pumpkin carving.  Drew decided to give us all an advantage and came out a little late but ended up carving his pumpkin in record time.  Finally, I was just trying to take some of the skin off because taking out whole chunks, as I quickly discovered, is in fact very hard.

When we decided we had done all that could be done to our pumpkins, we employed the old write-your-vote-in-paper-towels system and took a top secret vote for the best one.

It was a tie!

In the next round of votes, we voted unanimously for Drew’s pumpkin, so Mr. Davies got an iTunes giftcard for his amazing carving abilities!
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Book:”Linchpin: Are You Indispensable” by Seth Godin

By Diana

I recently came across an article about this book and I thought it spoke to what we strive for here at Paragon. I have to say, I have not read the book, but from the buzz it has generated online, it sounds like something worth sharing.
The main focus of the book is to emphasize the importance of being indispensable. There will always be an abundance of capable people or companies that can do exactly what they are asked to do, but indispensable people/companies will deliver things that were never expected of them and sometimes were not even discussed in a design brief. Being indispensable for Godin means adding emotional value to the experience, delivering things that can’t be put in an invoice because they cannot be quantified or valued through money. We cannot offer counseling, oil changes or free hugs (OK, actually we do offer free hugs), but what we CAN offer is design services, the right way.

For us it’s a joy to be able to meet and exceed our clients expectations and we see our everyday routine as anything but a routine. We enjoy having a direct relationship with our clients, being able to get a first hand reaction to our work, because we are proud of what we do, and we are always happy to show what we are working on.

It is a reality that a lot of people have access to the equipment and a lot of them use it to do business. What will ultimately set us apart from people that posses the right equipment, is the extra “something” we can bring to the table: an unwavering positive attitude, a desire to share our knowledge and experience instead of coating everything in mystery, and our desire to always help our clients achieve what they came to us for in the first place.

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By Diana

Father getting his daughter ready for school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Picture by Mohammad Safayet Khan

Since here at Paragon we have a passion for innovative projects that bring people together, we found this project on motionographer.com and decided to share it.
It’s called One Day on Earth (10.10.10) and it’s about filming or taking photographs during a period of 24 hours in every single country in the planet. Now that 10.10.10 has passed, they will be putting together a film that will be available to the whole world (no pun intended) and they have also opened this project to contributions from people like you and me who would like to share something about their own lives with the rest of the world.

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Design Ethos Recap

By Andrew


As part of the increasing effort by SCAD to encourage knowledge-sharing around the topic of sustainable design, the college held its 1st Design Ethos conference this past weekend. For an inaugural event they managed to gather a veritable who’s who of the eco-design world with names like John Bielenberg of Project M, Joshua Onysko of Pangea  and Eric Benson of renourish to name just a few. The event’s main goal is to,

“bring together design educators and practitioners who are wrestling with these difficult issues in an attempt to help define the next step in graphic design’s continuing evolution.”

This past Saturday I got a chance to take part in one of the panel discussions at entitled “The Triple Bottom Line and the Need for a New Professionalism.”There I had a chance to share some of the challenges and successes we’ve experience working with a range of corporate and non-profit clients and transition ourselves into a more sustainable practice. But the real treat was in the Q&A afterwards when I shared the stage with Brian Dougherty of Celery Design, Cheryl Heller of Heller Communications Design and  Linda Doherty of Citizen Studio.

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Night of The Living Trekkies

By Susan

Another fun project we just wrapped!

This is the trailer for a the new book from Quirk Books.

Talk about a crazy/AWESOME departure from our usual fare! Thanks to our buddies Opie Cooper (who was a part of our 48hr Film Project) and Justin Lutsky (who directed Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives) we got to play around in zombie-territory for a bit.

It was a full group effort from our team – James did the branding for the trailer and the set graphics, Drew did motion graphics, Phil did set extensions (3D / effects) and along with our friend Akash Ramlogan consulted on the visual effects for the zombie kills. And I used my role as associate producer as an excuse to just annoy everyone.

Oh…if you pay close attention you may recognize a few familiar faces from Road Tripping.

To say we’ve been thrilled by the response this trailer has gotten would be an understatement! Considering all the time and careful thought that went into the project, our ultimate gratification comes from knowing that the die-hard fans of both Star Trek and all things zombie-related have given it a massive thumbs up. After 10 days YouTube the video has received over 100,000 views, and more importantly a lot of passionate support.

I think those long hours and late nights paid off!


Passion for What You Do

By Susan

I was inspired this morning by a post entitled “Messy is Good” on The Creative Coast blog by a great friend, Rad Harrell. In the post Rad talks about embracing a bit of chaos in the quest for solving a problem. Wise words. And I’ll add to that – the thing that keeps us moving through the mess is the passion.

Passion is the reason we excel. It’s that thing that causes us to make the right decisions even when we’re worried they might seem foolish. It forces us to put one foot in front the other when the results aren’t as sexy as we’d hoped. It reminds us where we’re headed even when it feels like we’re taking the long route. Passion is absolutely infectious. And fun.

Wouldn’t the world be a far better/more enjoyable place if we all sought out that thing we were truly passionate about and then DID IT?!

Here to inspire you this weekend is a man who just rocked my world with his passion for fizzy stuff….

(Thanks to James for sharing this video)
Click here to purchase some these awesome beverages online.

And, don’t forget to take a moment tomorrow to be grateful for the amazing life you have. Enjoy it.

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Road Tripping – 48Hour Film Project WINNER, Savannah 2010

By Susan

So we finally got the film and “the making of” online!
(Click on them if you want to watch in HD on Vimeo)

Here now for your enjoyment is
Road Tripping by 8bit RAMpage

Road Tripping from Paragon Design Group on Vimeo.

The culmination of our efforts after 2 days with almost no sleep. A fun weekend and a victory for our loco team.

And a look the at how we did it…

ROAD TRIPPING-Behind the Scenes – 8bitRampage from 8bit RAMpage on Vimeo.

Monster Drinks, Coffee and Adrenaline.. and that’s just the first night. Here we are cranking out a movie in two days!
Our secret to winning – don’t dare sleep…don’t even tempt yourself by blinking.


48 Hour Film Project

By Susan

Three weekends ago, a small group of intrepid explorers, dubbed themselves “8bit RAMpage” and set out on an adventure to conquer an idea they’d been talking about for years…

That group consisted of the Paragon team (Phil, Drew and me, with design support from James), Akash Ramlogan, Blake Ellis, Opie Cooper, Hannah Bryan, Murray Wilson, Matt Adams and Sherry Spencer. The adventure was the making of a “just for fun” film project that we finally did, thanks to the 48Hour Film Project.

At the screening minus James and Phil

The assignment, given on Friday (July 9th) at 7:30 pm was:
Genre: Road Movie
Prop: an apple
Character: Realtor named Simon/Simone Turkana
Line: “I know what I know”
All the teams shared the same requirements except for the genre. The deadline was of course, 7:30pm on Sunday!

We’d done as much prep as was possible during the week — had a number of locations scouted, some great options for our cast and what we felt was a pretty kick-ass (albeit mostly out-of-practice) team.

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