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Another year in the books!

By Susan

Hey, hey, hey…. it’s our birthday!!

Look what I found:

We’re a little embarrassed to say that we didn’t remember until most of the day was gone…which is what you’d expect from an ELEVEN year old. 11 in business years is at least 17.39 in human years.

Hugs to all the people who’ve made this possible, especially our families, our amazing team and our clients.
Oh, and Joss Whedon.



It’s an honor just to be mentioned, really

By Andrew

We just got wind of a little shout-out we got from Steve Weathers, CEO of the Savannah Economic Development Authority, in this Fast Company article about doing business in Savannah. Other notable companies mentioned were our friends  CommerceV3, an e-commerce platform, and Rails Machine, the gurus of Rails.

Thanks Steve.


Free Font Friday: Airship 27

By James


Airship-27 was inspired by Airships of the late 19th century. It has a very distinctive look and feel that can strike attention anywhere.

- Lost Type co-op


Designed by James George Dunn
James is an English designer who has just recently graduated. He has a love of everything typography and also layout and corporate identity design.

This font is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, though I recommend making a donation to the designer.


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Using the Whole Buffalo, I mean Box

By Andrew

Quick design challenge: How would you reinforce your geek cred AND encourage user engagement all without annoying anyone? Oh, and all you get to use is your shipping boxes.. go!
(clue: it involves paying attention to the details, and a sense of humor)

While you’re thinking, here’s how NewEgg did it.

Even to the last flap…

We haven’t ordered from NewEgg.com in a while so forgive us if this isn’t exactly news, and we’ve seen companies put messages on their boxes before, but for some reason this use of cheekiness hit the right spot.

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2012 Telly Awards

By Alison

The 33rd Annual Telly Awards were announced, and we received five Bronze awards this year!

Judged by a council made up of previous award winners, entries are scored on creative work. Winning entries are awarded Silver, for a first place, or Bronze, for a second place, based on the combined scoring of the judges who evaluate each entry.

As always – we’re thrilled to have been chosen, and thankful for amazing clients who choose to do it with us.

Hasbro Easy4You Portal Promo
Client: Buck Consultants, a Xerox company
Designer: Andrew Davies
Animator: Philip Joyner

GSU General Branding TV Spot
Client: GA Southern University
Script: Heather T. Grant
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
Editing: Philip Joyner
Shooting: Spyhop Productions

GSU Graduate Studies TV Spot
Client: GA Southern University
Script: Heather T. Grant
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
Editing: Philip Joyner
Shooting: Spyhop Productions

GSU Undergraduate Studies TV Spot
Client: GA Southern University
Script: Heather T. Grant
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
Editing: Philip Joyner
Shooting: Spyhop Productions

SUAF 2011 TV Spot 
Client: Savannah Urban Arts Festival
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
Sound Design: AWOL Inc.

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Free Font Friday: Bemio

By James



Bemio is an ultrabold sans with an extensive character set. It bridges the gap between old signage and craftsmanship with modern forms and simplicity. With more than 1000 glyphs, and full Language Support, Bemio is versatile and robust.


Joe Prince is a graphic designer that specializes in logo and typography design. He crafts hand-made typefaces that are heavily influenced by modern geometry and simple forms. His work can be seen in use all over the web, mainly as webfonts, and continues his passion for design each day.


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THE Bestest “Thank You” cards of all time, of our generation… in the history of Ever

By Andrew

So remember a couple of weeks back I went to visit the over-achieving class of 3rd and 4th graders at Gould Elementary?

Well guess what I got in the mail this week. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

Nevermind, it was a packet of the most creative thank you cards I’ve ever gotten, (and I went to art School so that’s saying something).

They ranged from the minimal to the creative, all based around a laptop motif, but I’m a bit torn as to how to feel. On one hand I’m deeply touched that they even remember my name, on the other I’m proud that they seemed to enjoy the lesson (some of them even expressing the desire to become web designers themselves) and on yet another I’m immensely jealous of them having such an awesome teacher. Needless to say I want to be like Mr. McGrath when I grow up, or at least send my kid to his class…whichever comes first.

Check out just a few of the gems below:

This was from Mr. McGrath, see what I mean? Awesome.


Minimal, straight to the point, I like it.


This one was brought to you by Dell. It had a mouse and everything.


The IBM Toughbook approach, plus this proves that Super Mario is timeless.


And of course, there’s the iCard (this is probably how thin the next iBook will be anyway).




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Free Font Friday: Bender

By James


A chunky face for display type in two weights: inline and solid.

Bender was designed by Jim Dore. Jim is a designer from Kansas City. He is married to a patient woman, makes his own beer, and has three dachshunds that make him feel tall.







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Free Font Friday: Napa

By James

Napa is an organic, hand-written font designed by Michela Chiucini, which you can down­load for free.

» Download Napa

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Go Halfsies

By Susan

A creative approach to tackling a three complex challenges, Halfsies is a simple idea that could gives you the opportunity to help yourself, help the environment and help the hungry at the same time!


To find out more go to www.gohalfsies.com …maybe you can help bring this cool idea to your city.