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Monday Report | 07·18·11

By James

Heat Sensitive Ink
I know this may be old hat, but I just discovered this great business card design by the French Studio Murmure.  They respond to your body heat to reveal text.

See the Cards

Make Photoshop Faster
Some quick and simple tips from @danrubin to optimize this bloated program.  If they work, send your appreciation to twitter.com/@danrubin.

Make Photoshop Faster

Pour Coffee without Spilling, Finally
Millions of English ladies are wrong: Teapots are gross. Tea inevitably drips on the counter when you pour, then whatever’s left over gathers around the edges of the spout creating a yucky limescale. And it’s not like the stuff is easy to clean off; trying to jam a sponge in a spout is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

Read More

Eric Fischer’s Light Maps
I love these lightmaps from Eric Fischer’s photostream.  Great desktop wallpaper as well.

See the Stream

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Monday Report | 07·11·11

By James

The Beer Making Process
Check out this cool animated GIFs advertising the beer making process.

Are Designers Ignoring Sex?
Women Are 85% Of The Consumer Market. But How Do You Reach Them? Read More

Simon Foster put together a great list of online resources for designers.

Show some state pride!
The 50 by 50 print shop is now open.  Remember, Wisdom, Justice & Moderation!
Check it out

Minneapolis’s own Wink just launched an awe some new site.

$1 Wedding
A Vending Machine That Does Marriages For $1. Why not? Imagine what you could spend on the honeymoon! Read More

So glad I came across Newswordy (built and curated by Josh Smith), a site that cat a logs and defines buzz words used in the news me dia. Great design and content.

How much “Marc Jacobs” can you fit on a clothing label?

Support on Kickstarter the movie about Design Thinking

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Monday Report | 06·27·11

By James


New York finally passed the Marriage Equality Bill. It was also incredibly serendipitous that the announcement was made during Pride Week and when the Empire State Building was lit up like a rainbow.

I have no title for this
a perfect video for anybody considering the latest version of Final Cut Pro

» Watch Now (Vimeo)


Five Things IDEO Taught The Feds About Design Thinking
Metropolis magazine has a good feature this month about IDEO’s Tet Offensive against Washington bureaucracy. Peter Hall reports that the feds, inspired by President Obama’s push to demystify big government, have tapped the innovation whizzes at IDEO to take on everything from web design for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to greening federal buildings. The ultimate goal: Make government more humane.

» Read More

Optimistic Weather App
Tell yourself some sweet lies about that picnic tomorrow.

» Check it Out

Just in time for the fourth of July, Jon Contino offers up a patriotic desktop wallpaper over at The Fox is Black. (thanks designworklife)

Attention young designers — this should be your bible: 34 Typographic Sins.

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Monday Report | 06·20·11

By James

The Sexiest toilet in the history of poop, from Kohler.

Want a domain name at .coke, or perhaps a email address from .apple or .nike?  New legislation will allow corporations to better manage their brands with new domain names. Read More

Check out this new font Poem Script Pro

Method & Craft gives us some PhotoShop secrets. Read More

Jared has a sweet website, with cutout paper navigation. Check it out

If you are a typophile like me, you might want to check out the Type]Media11 Exhibition Opening. Do It.

If you are a developer, this site may hurt your feelings.  CSS Lint is a sweet online tool to help you clean up your CSS.  Learn More

Ladies, this is Futura

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Monday Report | 06·13·11

By James


1. Simon & Co.
Our latest CV3 shop design is now live.  We had a great time partnering with CV3 and working with Jennifer and her team at S&Co.  Be sure to check out the design and grab some Father’s Day goods while your there.

»  Check it out

2. Spine Out

John Gall, the art director for Vintage and Anchor books has some very impressive work from his book cover design class. The designs are from third and fourth year students and projects include:

  • Design a series of classics for a contemporary audience.
  • Design a cover for a How To book.
  • Design a cover for the novel Lake Overturn.
  • Design a cover for a book that is in desperate need of a new cover.

»  Read On

3. Always with Honor

The great talent at Always with Honor has given us a site update.  Check out the very simple showcase of their recent work, and try not to be hypnotized by the rotating planet.

»  Read On

4. Chinese “Home of the Future”
Stunning images from the soon to be built, “Home of the Future.”  This Chinese building will be built on top of a mall.

»  Read On

5. Web Planning Guide

So many websites are the product of one problem: failure to plan. Smashing Magazine presents this guide in order to help clients, other designers, businesses and organizations plan and realize successful websites.

This guide is written in relatively non-technical language and provides a broad overview of the process of developing a website, from the initial needs assessment through the launch, maintenance and follow-up.

»  Read On (Free.99)

6. Cheers, Dad

To celebrate Father’s Day, EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative House have teamed up once again to deliver the second installment of the ‘Cheers!’. This time we had creative director Glenn Michael raise a glass – and his brush – to 8 iconic animated dads, re-envisioning them as beer cans.

When you were a kid, Father’s Day was a pretty boring affair. Now you’re of age, and all of a sudden you have the chance to do something with your dad that he’ll actually enjoy: share a cold one together.
Whether you’re slaking your thirst with Popeye, or drowning your sorrows with Homer Simpson, these designs are a more mature look at the cartoons you grew up with. Cheers.

»  Buy Prints ($37)

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Monday Report | 06·06·11

By James


Fathers Day

If you’re in search of a unique Father’s Day gift, this guide by Wantist may help. (It also doesn’t hurt that the site is easy on the eyes — it was care fully crafted in HML5 using Typekit.) (hat tip @designworklife )

Check out the Guide


Almost Genius: Procter & Gamble Gambles On Cheery Vintage Packaging

Normally, nostalgia works great as a marketing device. But with laundry detergent? Not so much. Inspired by the throwback trend for other target brands, P&G sends us to the 60’s with their cleaning products.

Read the Story (via FastCo)


I really can’t be sure if we have covered this before, but if you havent seen the packaging for JAQK cellers you are really missing out.  Hatch, who design & co-create the brand, describes it like this :

JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand that wraps one thing people love — wine — inside another, gaming. This lifestyle approach to branding wine is virtually unheard of in the industry, creating a huge opportunity to stand out in a hopelessly crowded category.

I have loved the unique look to the designs for quite some time, and just recently had their wine shipped all the way to Georgia for a first hand taste – fantastic!

Check out the Design |  Visit JAQK Cellars |  Visit Hatch


Prints for Joplin, MI

Moosylvania has launched a shop selling 15 unique prints to benefit relief for Joplin, Mississippi. Many of the designs are clever and quite beautiful.  All proceeds from the sale will be donated to United Way to help the cause.

Shop the Prints ($25)



clever ad and website for a billboard company (sad that their corporate site’s all Flash though… and who resizes browsers these days?)

Check it Out

Facebook Hacks

Looking for some creative ways to edit your Facebook profile page? These funny and clever profiles might provide some much needed inspiration.

Check it Out


Interview with the legendary Dieter Rams

Need we say more, watch, learn and repeat.

Watch the Interview

3D Interactive Projection magic

Minority Report here we come
Check it Out

The Blank Sheet Project


Typography News

One of our favorites, Jessica Hische, has released her third font, Brioche, a perfect font for weddings, snobby cocktail menus & anything remotely old-fashioned. Comes in both Roman & Italic styles.

Get Brioche ($79)  |  Visit Jessica


Ideal Sans
The foudry that killed Helvetica, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, has released a new Sans Serif: Ideal Sans.  Time will only tell if it will become as popular as the ubiquitous Gotham (although, it looks a little to “Gill Sansy” to me).  Also, can somebody tell me how H&FJ got “typography.com”? Anyway, I’m a sucker for amazing humanist sans serifs

Get Ideal Sans (Expensive)  |  Check out H&FJ


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Monday Report | 05·23·11

By James


The Noun Project

“sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world’s visual language”

I remember using this about a year ago, when the icon collection was still growing, but now The Noun Project is in full swing.  A beautiful and well organized collection of search-able, open-source and FREE ICONS. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, the Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world’s visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way.

Check It Out |  My Favorite Icon


The Dark Night Returns Goes Viral
If you can remember the viral marketing for the Second Batman Film, it should come as no supprise that another campaign has already begun for the upcoming Dark Night Returns. Hardcore fans of Warner Bros.’s Batman trilogy undertook code cracking of epic proportions Friday after the site for the next film, The Dark Knight Rises, hit the web.

Read More


Super 8

In preparation for Super 8, the upcoming scifi film by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, the studios have released a very fun and use full iPhone app.

Super 8™ is the ultimate Super 8 camera emulator for your video-capable iDevice. Using Super 8™, you can make your own vintage movies and add lens, filter and shake effects, arrange clips and scenes the way you want them; you can even add your own credits.

When you’re done, send your Super 8 movie off to be developed. Your masterpiece will appear in your personal movie library where, with the tap of a finger, you can view your movie in the built-in Super 8 projector room, export it to a computer or email it to friends.

Get the App |  About the Film


If your looking for a sweet little blog, Wanken has been featuring some pretty cool artists and great insights for a couple of years now.  His style has a very ISO50 feel, but he has a refreshing take on design and always seems to find the coolest spaces to feature.

Check it out |  Check out his Portfolio


The Dangers of Infographic
The Huffington Post presents The dangers of over-infographic enthusiasm or infographic-mania, infographic-itis whatever

Check it Out


The Brand New Conference
I’m pretty sure I can’t go, but if you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco at the time, you should really check it out.  September 16, 2011

About the Conference |  Register Now


Tyson Face Art – The rights of the artist
Is it petty, or should the rights for reproduction of Tyson’s tattoo fall to the original artist?  Check out the legal suit for The Hangover II.

Read More



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Monday Report | 05·16·11

By James


Meet Mr PorterMr Porter is a style and shopping resource for men online.  I have love the simplicity and minimalism of the site since it has launched, mostly because they make great use of a beautiful handwriting font, custom designed by Underware. Anyway, now that you are up to speed, I want to share the commercial they made: Friends of Mr Porter:

UI Sketcher iPad App
Based on the “sketchboarding” technique introduced by Adaptive Path, this app from Box UK makes it easy for pros or amateurs to design better interfaces fast.

Get it Now (3.99) |  Check it Out

Olly Moss Art Show
Threadless artist Olly Moss creates incredible paper-cut silhouettes of his favorite pop culture characters, from Mary Poppins to Darth Vader. They’re currently on display in an exhibition at Gallery 1988 in Melrose and will run through May 20th. Check out folks’ reactions at the opening night event.



Matteson Creative
Graphic exchanged has posted amazing pictures of Mattson Creative studio (more here) and it is definitely one of the coolest work-spaces I have ever seen. I love the designer’s desk, with the structure cutting through. (via Graphic Exchange)

Mad Brew Productions
I am loving Adam Hill’s designs for Mad Brew Productions. This whimsical brand identity was created for a live music event company. The aesthetic was inspired by the concept of a traveling Victorian sales man.

Dapper Burboun
A good friend of mine, and SCAD student, Amy Dick, created this dapper label for a bourbon company. And as you can imagine, Paragon loves burbon, so be sure to check it out on the DieLine. 

“Dapper is a small batch bourbon company that combines vintage with modern. It is for the contemporary gentleman. The whiskey should not only be suited for a gentleman but the packaging should also accessorize the modern gentleman. The name Dapper was influenced by the slang word used in 1920′s.”

I can happily say my contribution to the design was the font, which is Phaeton if anybody is asking. Great work, Amy!

Useful Photoshop Techniques

Productivity is a crucial asset of professional designers. Photoshop is an extremely powerful application for photo processing and image manipulation, and we can make it even more powerful by using handy tools, actions, plugins and templates to save time for solving mundane regular tasks. The better our professional tool set is, the more time we can spend to focus on the actual design process rather than the tool we are using to implement it on screen.

Check it out here (Smashing Magazine)



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Monday Report | 05·09·11

By James

Don’t Fear the Internet
Jessica Hische just launched her lat est project with Russ Maschmeyer: Don’t Fear the Internet, basic HTML and CSS for non-web designers. 

Hand Drawn Icon Set
Kyle Steed has released a very comprehensive icon set, all drawn by hand and available here.

Some Insight
Ira Glass
Jessica Hische

Another example of Design for good. An initiative from Alex Bogusky (yes, THAT one). The world’s first collaborative brand.

Barnes & Noble Classics
Speaking of Jessica Hische, one of my gifts to my mother this past weekend was a classic favorite – Pride and Prejudice – with a special cover designed by Jessica Hische.  These classics are absolutely beautiful and can be purchased here.

Branding’s affect on perceived news bias

Amazing “Ads worth sharing” from TED

Typography timeline

SCAD Sidwalk Art
In case you missed it, Susan did a nice little recap of the Savannah Sidewalk Arts Festival.  Check out the pictures here.

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Monday Report | 04·25·11

By James

Star wars Episode V in icons

Facebook Studio
where the big marketers get to show off and converse about their facebook campaigns

Check it Out

Mikael Eidenberg
Mikael is a self taught Graphic designer and 3d artist (hard to be good at either much more both). He has an amazing body of work, and a sweet freebie for other desighers to use.  Be sure to check out his portfolio.

Visit Mikael

trust us, this won’t catch on, but it looks like it’s fun to watch: http://vimeo.com/21504557

In RadioLab We Trust
It’s back.  For fans of WNYC’s RadioLab, like me, 5 designers have come together to create 5 prints celebrating the stories of the show.  Get yours fast, these tend to sell out quickly.

Shop Now |  Visit RadioLab

These are Things
The team over at These are things have created some clever and simple posters celebrating European travel.

Check them out

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