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Yes HR Still Needs Humans

Employers racing to automate key HR tasks are hurting their workforce and their bottom line.

Why HR will need to use more video in the hybrid workplace

How can HR teams adapt the way they recruit, onboard, training and even say goodbye to employees in a hybrid workplace? By using more videos.

3 Advantages of Using Multi-chapter Videos for Benefits Explainers

If you need to create a benefits explainer video that’s longer than 2 minutes, think about creating one with chapters that let the viewer choose how they want to watch it.

7 Questions your Economic Development Website Needs to Answer

The Economic Development Organization’s (EDO) website is one of its most important marketing tools. But before you get into design and functionality details, make sure you can answer these 7 questions.

[CASE STUDY] A Streamlined Process for Finding the Perfect Intranet Platform

Choosing the right intranet software doesn’t have to be stressful if you have a streamlined, visual way of evaluating your options. It’s as easy as A, B, C.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Creating an E-Brochure or a Microsite

As a versatile benefits or campaign communications tool, microsites offer plenty of advantages over one of their predecessors, e-brochures. But in return, they require considerably more resources to create and maintain.

How to Plan an Effective HR Explainer Video in 6 Questions

Similar to their B2C cousins, explainer videos created for HR communications require careful planning. But answering 6 key questions ensures that they’re as effective as possible.

3 Key Steps to an Effective HR Explainer Video

Employee explainer videos can be an effective part of your internal communications toolkit. But creating one isn’t just about the production. It also involves a bit of planning and consideration about how you'll promote it afterward.

The Problem with Relying Solely on Videos in Learning & Development

Videos can trick you into thinking you’re more competent at a task than you really are. So make sure training videos are accompanied by real-world experiences to make sure true learning has happened.

Why Should You Add Animated Videos to Your HR Communications Toolkit?

Video has become a necessary tool in HR communications. Adding some animation in the mix adds another level of clarity and flexibility to your communications strategy.

How Long Should Your HR Communication Videos Be?

Seemingly small details - like the length of your employee videos – actually play a large role in creating a great employer experience. Here are the optimal lengths for a variety of HR communications videos, including those for recruitment, benefits explainers, and L&D training.

4 Things to Consider When Adding Video to Your Employee Benefits Website.

Videos are an increasingly popular and effective way to communicate vital benefits information. But before getting started with the fun part, actually creating the video, there are four considerations you should keep in mind to ensure you're not wasting time and effort.