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Monday Report | 06·20·11

The Sexiest toilet , New domain names, Type]Media11 Exhibition, Clean up your CSS

Free Font Friday: Liberator

Liberator is from a bygone era, when our grandparents fought for the freedom we enjoy today.

Monday Report | 06·13·11

Simon & Co., Spine Out, Always with Honor, Chinese “Home of the Future”, Web Planning Guide, Cheers, Dad

Free Font Friday: Justus

This typeface is a recreation of the font cut by Justus Erich Walbaum around 1800.

Monday Report | 06·06·11

Normally, nostalgia works great as a marketing device.

Free Font Friday: Lobster

Instead of compromising the design of our letters to force connections, they will do what lettering artist do.

How To Increase Your Video Viewership

If you're thinking about adding video content to your website - things to consider.

Paragon Kayaking

A little bonding time for our crew...and a few dolphins.

Free Font Friday: Fatboy Husky

Designed by Matt Braun & Matt Griffin, this free font harkens to a time before the days of computers and digital type.

The Pocketbook Puzzles

Why does the Queen carry one?

Monday Report | 05·23·11

The Noun Project, The Dark Knight Returns Goes Viral, Super 8, Wanken, The Dangers of Infographic, The Brand New Conference, Tyson Face Art - The rights of the artist

Sir George Cox on the Matter of Creativity's Role in Business

“…enterprise that fails to be sufficiently creative is simply pouring more energy into prolonging yesterday’s ideas… Creativity, properly employed, carefully evaluated, skillfully managed and soundly implemented, is a key to future business success – and to national prosperity” – Sir George Cox, former head of the UK Design Council