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Monday Report | 03·21·11

The birth of a word, Are Touchscreen Tablets Effective Design Tools? ForeverMap, Field Notes , Type Foundries

Free Font Friday: Tidal

Tidal is a friendly, soft slab serif font.

Monday Report | 03·14·11

New Starbucks branding, MIT Media Labs , More Perfect Typography, Wanderfly, Compfight, Dropbox as CMS, Wirefy, House of Buttons, "Tangle Font," Wood textures.

Free Font Friday: HERO

Hero is a great san-serif font from Fontfabric.

Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode is a company based in the UK that offers a system to help creatives protect their work in it's most fragile stage -when it's still unpaid.

Monday Report | 03·07·11

Famous objects from classic movies, LetterMPress, FRED, Still Liquor branding, Press, Pause, Play, ScreenFonts, The Best and Worst States for business, BankSimple, Concise Guide to Web Fonts

Free Font Friday: Anivers

Now the new improved Anivers has been expanded into a small but very rigid, reliable family.

Are Our Decisions Really Logical?

As designers pitching concepts to our clients, are we hurting or helping ourselves with the number and arrangement of the options we show?

Monday Report | 02·28·11

Being an Agency of One, Consumer backlash after Starbucks’ rebrand, Advice for Young Designers, Type Specimen App, A Tree house with trees inside, An Internet Timeline of the Egyptian Uprising, Top fonts of 2010

Free Font Friday: Dekar

Dekar is a cool little font, with a very unique feel to it.

Being an Agency of One

Whatever your structure you need to position yourself as what you are and play on your strengths.

Monday Report | 02·21·11

Gamechanging Kickstarters, Branding for a king, The Art of Flight, 30 Inspiring Slideshows, "Map your Valentine" , State Motto’s, Long John Silvers Brand refresh,
Campaign Monitor, Bold Choice, PIXAR Studios tour.