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We've Spruced Things Up A Bit For The Holidays

There's not much else to say other than we hope you like it.

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A Creative Community at Work

Slowly but surely, Savannah is rediscovering her roots as the first designed city in the United States.

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On the White Board Today: Extra units of Measurement

Make all future superlative conversations quantitatively accurate.

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Epic Evil Laugh

Every evil genius mastermind needs to have one.

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5 Second Projects

He gives his readers a theme, which can be a word, a phrase or a category and they create a 5 second video of whatever their mind takes them to.

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Book:”Linchpin: Are You Indispensable” by Seth Godin

Being indispensable means adding emotional value to the experience, delivering things that can't be put in an invoice because they cannot be quantified or valued through money.

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It's exciting to see that such an ambitious project gained the support of international organizations.

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Design Ethos Recap

Knowledge-sharing around the topic of sustainable design.

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Night of The Living Trekkies

Talk about a crazy/AWESOME departure from our usual fare!

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Passion for What You Do

Passion is the reason we excel.

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Road Tripping – 48Hour Film Project WINNER, Savannah 2010

So we finally got the film and "the making of" online!

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48 Hour Film Project

POW!!! Killing it right?!

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