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Free Font Friday: Orbitron

Orbitron is a geometric sans-serif typeface intended for display purposes.

Monday Report | 02·14·11

Mapping Stereotypes has just come out with the Calendar of Prejudice

Free Font Friday: Muncie

The Lost Type Co-op is a collaboration between Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin.

Write, Send, Watch and Repeat

No need for agents, starving, or powerful contacts.

Nicholas Felton's Amazing Infographic Tribute

A brilliant and inspiring personal annual report.

Sponsored Celebrity Encounters

Augmented reality for all.

Monday Report | 02·07·11

Why use wireframes? New Mexico AIGA site? Cuban Council, Daily, Avengers Trailers, EF Language Schools, Everything is a Remix, True Grit, The Coenverse

Free Font Friday: Stahlbeton

Der schnelle braune Fuchs springt über den faulen Hund

Making Stuff Cleaner

From bio-fuels to fuel cells this show does a great job of breaking down the potential and challenges associated with alternative energy options.

Damn You Wheat Thins

Why our recycling bin is always full.

Tweeting for Your Own Good

If all you talk about is your business or your professional accomplishments, people will politely (or impolitely!) turn around and look for someone else to chat with.

Monday Report | 01·31·11

Valentines Day, Captain's Journal, House of Buttons, Trade School, Four Icon Challenge, Poster Power, Vector Icons For Every Social Network, Bad fonts, The Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit.