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What we can all learn from People’s Liberty

Innovation must be disruptive. | The future of a city is determined by who gets involved. | Philanthropy is more than cutting checks.

Free Font Friday: Majesti

The typeface has a striking contrast and beautiful swash alternates that create a sophisticated and bold statement.

WordPress @ 25%

WordPress is now used by more than 25% (actually 25.9% as of this week) of the top 10 million websites in the world.

Free Font Friday: Moriston

Adding contrast to a conversation makes your voice stand out.

Creative Partnerships

When trust exists, people are more honest and creativity and innovation spark much more easily.

Words that Work

It turns out that words really matter when it comes to crowdfunding success.

Free Font Friday: Butler

Butler is a beautiful and versatile font inspired by both Dala Floda & the amazing Bodoni family.

Holiday Mailer 2015

This year we wanted to give a useful and beautiful sort of a something. Something that could be used now, or used later. Wrapping paper!

Front-End Dev Disruption

Sometimes habit keeps us using something when a little exploration and discomfort might get us to a better something.

Paragon Papers

In our digital world, wrapping paper is one of the few remaining ways that we send each other a personal, tactile presentation.

2016 Prediction Roundup

...none of us works in a vacuum anymore, disciplines adjacent to ours are increasingly influencing the work we do. So we need to understand the directions that other jobs are going too.

Flash is Dead

At Paragon, we’ve had a long history with Flash. We’ve used it to build intros, logo animations, full sites with XML based dynamic content, quizzes, animated training scenarios, kitchen sinks… We even made a game.