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Inspire 07 coming in February

Broadcast Design department leads symposium.


SCAD’s broadcast design department, along with some very cool sponsors, are hosting a one day symposium at the Lucas Theater on February 16th. Inspire07’s geared towards inspiring creativity in motion graphics by showcasing high quality work and giving us motion graphics addicts exposure to the artists who create the work we drool over.

Speakers include:
Dale Herigstad from Schematic
Marco Spier and Marie Hyon from Psyop
Brien Holman and Jayson Whitmore from Exopolis
Jakob Trollback from Trollback + Company
Ellery Gave from Capacity
Limore Shur from EyeballNYC
Patrick McDonough from PMcD Design
Vasil Hnatiuk from Roger
Jose Gomez and Andre Stringer from Shilo
plus a special screening of the documentary “Matthew Barney: No Restraint”

You know I’ll be there!

Andrew Davies

Drew's degrees in Illustration, 2D animation and Broadcast Design, and his volleyball skillz mean he can get your design done and play well with others at the same time. He’s the Creative Director at Paragon and will call you out if you start hanging out with shady-looking fonts and messing around with whacked-out color palettes.


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    You guys freakin Rock! Love the new site!

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