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A novel idea.

bl.ast homepage

A while back, Alex Tew came up with a novel idea to charge a minimal fee for pixels on his homepage called The Million Dollar Homepage. If you thought this was brilliant but wanted a venue setup a little more professionally (and free), then check out this new promotion service called

Call it an online classified ads directory, call it shameless promotion 2.0, whatever you wanna call it, sign up now because it’s first come first serve (unless you pay).

Read some more about it at David Airey’s blog and Blog-Op

Andrew Davies

Drew's degrees in Illustration, 2D animation and Broadcast Design, and his volleyball skillz mean he can get your design done and play well with others at the same time. He’s the Creative Director at Paragon and will call you out if you start hanging out with shady-looking fonts and messing around with whacked-out color palettes.


6 thoughts on “! Why didn’t I think of that?

  1. David Airey says:

    Thanks for the linkback there. It’s much appreciated.

    Here’s a wee tip, correct your spelling of (you’ve spelt it Bl.ast).


  2. Hey thanks, David. I… umm did that on purpose… yeah, just to see who was paying attention… ummm… yeah.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the link as well, it’s nice to know some people are reading.

    We’re always paying attention….. 😉

  4. Tim says:

    Hi, Thanks for the blog entry about, much appreciated

    I’m offering anyone who blogs about it 2c/day for a year free – let me know which card you would like upgraded.


  5. Hey thanks Tim for offering such a cool service. I can see it’s a success already so I’m sure that’ll continue.


  6. Sean says: is awesome, and yes it makes me think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” But then again I don’t sort of coding to help with stuff like that lol.

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