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SCAD and Savannah Make “The Cut”

World-renowned artists, designers and industry professionals come to get a taste what SCAD's fashion design students have cooking up this year.


Its that time of year again where the fashion elite gather in Savannah for the annual SCAD Fashion show, the culmination of SCAD’s annual style and design series, SCAD Style 2008. World-renowned artists, designers and industry professionals come to get a taste what SCAD’s fashion design students have cooking up this year.

We ran across a post in New York’s Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut, where Savannah, and the SCAD Fashion Show were mentioned in reference to Dior designer John Galliano. M’sieur Galliano (he’s really a Brit, but I just wanted to say that) is receiving the André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award this year. The writers for The Cut ask him what he was looking forward in his visit to Savannah, GA, and Gilliano said…

“I’m told it is really spiritual,” he said. “André is going to show me around. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Heh, heh! Then to my disdain, NY Mag made a comment about “how cute” it would be for John Galliano and André Leon Talley to have “fried green tomato” picnics in the park “play golf” and go on “ghost tours.” Hey! We may not be New York or Paris, but Savannah still has a lot more to offer than putting greens, fried foods, and haunted houses! For example:

Shakespeare in the Park

Kayaking on the Ogeechee River

Visiting Tybee Light House

Sand Gnats Games

Savannah Film Festival

Jepson Center for the Arts (or any of the other 52 art galleries)

Savannah Music Festival

A production at the Savannah Actors Theatre

Screenings at the Lucas Theater by the Savannah Film Society

Camping at Skidaway Island’s Campground

Not to mention live music at Mercury Lounge (or the many other watering holes in Savannah), watching skateboarders do tricks in the park, listening to spoken word at the Sentient Bean, or checking out the Chief Rockers B-Boy crew break dance on River Street. See, there are other things even New York types would get a kick out of doing here in Savannah.

Philip Joyner

Not only can the man stare down CSS code until it writes itself in sheer terror, but he is famous around 220 E. Hall St for what we like to call his “happy dance”. Few have seen it, and those who have can’t get enough.


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  1. Lilly says:

    Thanks for the list of stuff to do in Savannah….good to know there’s more going on than haunted houses and soul food!

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