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Toot, toot!

Just us showing off the fruits of our labor.

That’s the sound of us blowing our own horn. These posts are usually named, “Shameless Promotion.” Well, forget that. What’s improper about stepping back and taking a good look at the fruit of your labor? And then showing it off to everyone else? It’s kinda like when people go around showing everyone pictures of their newborn baby. Like, “Hey, look what I made!” I’m guilty of it myself.

Well, we’ve given birth to a few more beautiful, healthy babies, and we are so proud of them, we wanted to show them off! And, guess what? They’re all from the same Daddy, Savannah Economic Development Authority.

Here we have SEDA’s Inc. Magazine print advertisement.


This print ad communicates Savannah’s natural beauty and business infrastructure using a Savannah beauty shot, some hard-core numbers and facts, and some verbal backing from a company, The Great American Hanger Company, that is expanding its business here for those very reasons. Devon Rifkin, Owner and CEO of The Great American Hanger Company and who appears in the ad, made a short speech after SEDA announced his expansion at their 4th Annual Economic Luncheon. He’s on page 86 in this June 2008 issue. The ad was designed by our illustrious Susan Isaacs, who also developed the concept.

Hey! Speaking of SEDA’s 4th Annual Economic Luncheon… that brings me to our other baby. Well, I guess you could say that we birthed a set of twins on this project. We were approached by SEDA to develop and create their 2008 Annual Report, which was distributed to attendees at the Economic Luncheon.

The theme was “Ripple Effects,” so the the look and all of the design elements tied into that using water droplets, splashes, and of course, water ripples. And check this out! In a continued effort to “green” our practice we used 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) paper (kudos to SEDA for agreeing to go that route with the paper). To promote the event, we also designed the Luncheon’s print ad…


…email blast and the video loop displayed during the event. Ok, so with this project we produced more than twins. Anyway, the congratulations are in order for both Andrew Davies, along with Phil Joyner bringing technical reinforcement, for giving birth to this set of tykes.

The proud parents that we are, we can’t help but stand back look at the final product in delight and satisfaction. So, light your cigars, and join us in celebrating these new births of solution, design and creativity.

Philip Joyner

Not only can the man stare down CSS code until it writes itself in sheer terror, but he is famous around 220 E. Hall St for what we like to call his “happy dance”. Few have seen it, and those who have can’t get enough.


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