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TCCa Offering a Sweet Deal to Game Developers

Free office space and a juicy tax incentive.

The Creative Coast Alliance (TCCa) works tirelessly to help attract and grow the creative and technology companies in Savannah. As one of the many folks who’ve reaped the benefits of their efforts, we’re fans for sure.

Recently, they’ve taken it to a whole…’nother…level….

The offer” is a collaborative effort between TCCa and Brenda Brathwaite, SCAD professor and game designer guru. What they’ve done is create an incubator for qualified game development companies, offering them free office space and a juicy tax incentive to sweeten the pot.

The good news is that the word is getting out…the latest place (of MANY) I’ve seen it pop up was on cnet.

Having made “the offer”, TCCa had us help them create a few tools to promote it to the game development community:

Leave-behind collateral and branded decks of playing cards, invited qualified companies to ‘come where the deck is stacked in their favor!”

Add to this the fifth annual Game Developers eXchange (GDX) that took place in Savannah this past Friday and Saturday, and I’m hoping that this is the beginning of something great.

(OK to be honest I’m not a gamer and I don’t know if it’s still cool to say “w00t”…was it ever cool?…see, I don’t know that either.)

Susan Isaacs

Susan’s a multitask-er who prides herself on the vast number of things (read: loose papers and coffee cups) on her desk at any one time, and yet she still manages to keep an eye on all the moving parts at Paragon.