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To Nationals!

A TV Show Package that's going places.


Every professional designer is passionate about those big, juicy projects you can really sink your creative teeth into. And that’s exactly how we felt when we were approached by The Weather Channel to create a new HD show package for their weekday show, Day Planner. At the time, they were launching their HD programming, and needed show graphics to execute the visual improvements they were making, while maintaining the integrity of the existing brand. What a sweet challenge!

When we completed the project and handed it over to TWC’s Creative Director, we had butterflies in our stomachs hoping we’d aced each of the outlined objective. I mean, it wasn’t the title sequence to a blockbuster film, but the reviews were great and they were extremely pleased with the final product. And that was gratifying.

When the local ADDY awards came around, and we entered the Day Planner show package, along with the other projects we were so proud of that year. The show package won Silver locally, qualifying for the District level competition. Well, the other day I got an email saying the Day Planner show package won Silver in District 7, qualifying us for the National competition. At this point not only am I thinking, “hmmm… let’s see how far this baby will go,” but the awareness of our work competing and winning against design companies in the five-state area of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee was fulfilling. I was reminded of how working in Savannah and consciously keeping our firm small is a quality of life many working Americans wish they had.

Yes. We are a small design house. But we are limber, streamlined, and talented. We can live in “small town” Savannah, wear our flip flops to work, and compete at the same level as larger national design firms. How cool! So on behalf of all the “small” companies out there doing “big” business, cheers to you! We’re going to Nationals!

Philip Joyner

Not only can the man stare down CSS code until it writes itself in sheer terror, but he is famous around 220 E. Hall St for what we like to call his “happy dance”. Few have seen it, and those who have can’t get enough.


3 thoughts on “To Nationals!

  1. Denny says:

    Best of luck at Nationals! TWC is a great client.

  2. Angel says:

    Thanks Denny! And TWC is a great client. The ones that trust you enough to let you “do your thing” are always fun to work with.

    Love the title of your blog by the way: Art & Business of Motion… that’s exactly what we do!

  3. Denny says:


    Looking forward to seeing new work! Sounds like you’ve got a great thing going there. I work with small and big agencies alike, there’s no differentiating in this market. I just shared an article that a colleague of mine authored in the UK on the state of the broadcast/branding business in Europe, if you’re interested, you can read it here:

    Again congrats on the recognition-!


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