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Artists That Inspire Me: Shepard Fairey

An incredible body of work.

I’ve been enjoying the work of a few artists I’ve recently discovered. As vastly different as they are from each other, I found them inspiring for different reasons and thought I’d share the wealth and introduce you to them as well, just in case you’re not already familiar. First up: street artist Shepard Fairey.

Fairey’s work is not entirely new to me, it would be hard to ignore the ‘Obey’ stickers and the now iconic red, white and blue Obama ‘Hope’ image that was so popular during the 2008 presidential campaign. The new discovery really has more to do with his incredible body of work.

Fairey’s work is often political and always incredibly beautiful:




Shepard Fairey

The detail that goes into each one of the pieces is phenomenal!

The Obama image was hands down my favorite poster of the entire election season, and I found this video clip in which Fairey talks a bit about it:

Please check out his website to see more of his amazing work.

Susan Isaacs

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