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Featured / Scott Hansen and ISO50

Artists that can excel in more than one creative field.


I have always loved and respected artists that can excel in more than one creative field.  To me it seems to prove that one’s creativity has no bounds, and that it is more than just learned mechanical processes (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity).  Scott Hansen is an artist and musician that I have followed for years (although only recently on twitter), and his distinct style has always been an amazing mix of the old and new.  And now, in honor of the release of his newest album Tycho / Coastal Break, he has created some truly breathtaking pieces.  Below are some samples of his work, including some glimpses into the new album, but if you really want the full experience, you should check out his site.  Check them out on iTunes for some perfect design music.

» ISO50
» Scott Hansen Portfolio
» Tycho




By the way, the new Tycho Coastal Brake 12? single is now available for pre-order at the shop. This 180 gram vinyl pressing is limited to 1000 copies, the first 50 of which are signed and numbered. Each order includes the MP3/WAV version which will be immediately downloadable on the release date, December 8th, 2009. Check it out before it’s too late.

» Tycho / Coastal Break (12 inch vinyl)
» Tycho  Giclee Print




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