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Monday Report | 01·31·11

Valentines Day, Captain's Journal, House of Buttons, Trade School, Four Icon Challenge, Poster Power, Vector Icons For Every Social Network, Bad fonts, The Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit.

Gentlemen, Valentines Day is fast approaching.  These might help:

Our first FREE FONT FRIDAY of the new year featured Pompadour, by Andy Mangold

Great work from Jeffrey Bucholtz – Captain’s Journal – simple and sweet

House of Buttons looks like a great resource for designers. I also think the idea of Trade School is awesome – Barter for Instruction

I am loving the simplicity of Kyle Tezak’s Four Icon Challenge.

Need some print inspiration, get some Instant Poster Power.

By now everybody has these, but I can’t tell you how useful these are – Vector Icons For Every Social Network provided by the generous and talented IconDock

Bad fonts = Learn more gooder

ThinkGeek has released The Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit, and it looks tasty

All you need to know about the Oscar nominations is that Christopher Nolan didn’t get a directing nomination for ‘Inception’. That’s ridiculous. Where is my totem (Pantone Book)?  I thought I heard someone say BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

James Donaldson

While he swears he won’t design for internet explorer and is unable to breathe without his iphone, James is generally an easy-going guy who can be convinced to do almost anything if there’ll be food involved.