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Monday Report | 02·07·11

Why use wireframes? New Mexico AIGA site? Cuban Council, Daily, Avengers Trailers, EF Language Schools, Everything is a Remix, True Grit, The Coenverse

Why use wireframes?

How amazing is the New Mexico AIGA site? It is the result of a collaboration betweenHieronymus and Jesse Arneson, with photography by KarenKuehn.

Everybody seems to be talking about the new site from Cuban Council

In case you somehow missed it, the Daily is the first newspaper made without paper.  iPad users worldwide have now been seduced by NewsCorp

Thank God, David Carson has his own magazine, I can’t wait.

The flood of creativity that the digital revolution has wrought… is it good or bad, or just mediocre? That’s what this movie tackles… or so they say.

These promotional videos by EF Language Schools really have me itching to travel.

Everything is a Remix – PART I and PART II.

Wow, after the game last night, I bring you the trailers that will be discussed today (Thanks DEVOUR)

Also, I haven’t seen True Grit, but this clever comparison shows how it relates to the classic John Wayne version.  Also, check out this info-graphic The Coenverse

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