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Monday Report | 02·14·11

Mapping Stereotypes has just come out with the Calendar of Prejudice

I know we mentioned it earlier, but the 2010 Feltron annual report is live! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy (2 actually) of the print ver­sion, which features 4 spot colors and gold foil. I’ve purchased it every year and it never fails to impress.

How many Brands can you recognize after they have been Unevolved to just circles.

Hype for Type has a new site, check ’em out.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m pleased to share Kate Spade’s B Mine gallery, a cat a­log of e-cards made by var i ous artists and designers; as well FontShop’s 2011 edition of Valentype. (hat tip designworklife)

If you live in Brooklyn, you may have been lucky enough to see the work of graphic designer and custom chalk letterer Dana Tanamachi. Let us know if you have, iphone pictures welcome.

Mapping Stereotypes has just come out with the Calendar of Prejudice – a funny look at the world, satirically, through different cultures.

Debbie Does … an awesomely playful corporate id design by Brogen Averill.

The talented Taylor Pemberton has released his project Cavalier Essentials – I want them all.  “If Steve McQueen carried a beat-up leather duffle bag on the back of his motorcycle; what would be in it and how would the products look?”

The new Strokes album is going to be out soon, get your free teaser track here.

If you love The Volkswagen Force Commercial you will really like the extra minute of deleted scenes.

I have been following the work Kelli Anderson has done for Dig for Fire – which has been really neat.  Now the website has launched – and it is totally a work of art.

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