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Monday Report | 02·28·11

Being an Agency of One, Consumer backlash after Starbucks’ rebrand, Advice for Young Designers, Type Specimen App, A Tree house with trees inside, An Internet Timeline of the Egyptian Uprising, Top fonts of 2010

In case you’re like me, and didn’t watch the OSCARs – here are the results

Check out Diana’s review of SCAD’s Entrepreneurial Forum by David Sherwin – Being an Agency of One

The Economist explores consumer backlash after Starbucks’ rebrand.

Great Advice for Young Designers (Hat Tip to Mike Gilger)

Check out the new Type Specimen App

A sweet tree house with trees inside

Did you know that Google Docs Viewer now supports Photoshop Files?

Check out this sweet color pallet

For your mandatory info-graphic pleasure, An Internet Timeline of the Egyptian Uprising

Know your type: Myriad

Top fonts of 2010 – Font retailer MyFonts compiles a list of the most popular typefaces over the past year, based on actual sales.

Good Reads: Redesigning MailChimp, 10 Lessons for Young DesignersInterview: Designer Michael Carney Talks About The Black Keys, The Grammys, and Being a DiscoDJ, The Disconcertion of Spec. (Courtesy of DesignWorkLife)

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