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Incredible Illustrations of Tiago Hoisel

Distortion, depth of field and humor

It’s been a while since I did a post on inspiring artists. I thought today I’d give you a quick introduction to the fabulous illustrative work of Tiago Hoisel, a brazilian artist whose work we came across on CGSociety.

Tiago uses distortion and depth of field to create compositions that suck you in, and because he has a great sense of humor about his subject matter you’re never disappointed. I can’t get enough! They’re so funny, and the level of detail is amazing.

Here are a few of my favorites (you can click on each one to see a larger version):

Big Bad Wolf
Yeah so little red riding hood(s) might be terrified and probably rightly so, but you can just feel the joy of the big bad wolf…arms open, tongue out. I kinda want to scratch his belly!


A similar idea: Lunch Time!!!
Again…pure animal joy! Sharks never looked so cute. The water is fantastic, and my favorite part is that the parachutes all look like lemon slices. Bon Apetit my hungry friend 🙂


This has never happened to me before (click to see his process)
I think you can tell what the inspiration for this one was – Pirates of the Caribbean. So detailed. I have to admit though, it’s the middle tentacle that gets me! Hah!


Unbelievably detailed feathers, a glorious mane straight out of the 80s, signature bandanna, and the kind of rock star attitude that makes for a serious chick magnet. Yes. I said it.


I dare you to make baby talk. Pretty sure you’ll get punched in the eye. This baby has been through some things people. And he’s not happy about it.


Chico Bento (click to see his process)
This one in particular has a great breakdown of how he did it.
Depth of field, fish-eye distortion and emotions flying all over the place. I don’t know who to root for!

If you like his work be sure to leave some comments on his CGSociety portfolio.
There’s tons more examples of his work there.


Susan Isaacs

Susan’s a multitask-er who prides herself on the vast number of things (read: loose papers and coffee cups) on her desk at any one time, and yet she still manages to keep an eye on all the moving parts at Paragon.


2 thoughts on “Incredible Illustrations of Tiago Hoisel

  1. gokce says:

    Plainly wonderful!
    Just the idea of a kid drawing faces and flowers on a cheetah can make you smile 🙂

  2. flomino says:

    His works are certainly uplifting and enjoyable! I love this post! Thank you for sharing!

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