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Paragon Kayaking

A little bonding time for our crew...and a few dolphins.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!

The Paragon crew, spouses and a few friends had a fun excursion on the high seas. The highlight was probably the playful dolphins that got incredibly close to us…as in “I hope they don’t tip me over” close. Needless to say those buggers are all so fast so we never got any pics of them.

Only person missing was Phil, who stayed at home with his son building robots. Not joking.

You can see the fun on our FaceBook album.

Susan Isaacs

Susan’s a multitask-er who prides herself on the vast number of things (read: loose papers and coffee cups) on her desk at any one time, and yet she still manages to keep an eye on all the moving parts at Paragon.