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Sidewalk Arts Fest 2011

SCAD's annual chalk extravaganza

This past Saturday, SCAD held its annual Sidewalk Arts Festival under a beautiful blue sky.

There was the usual fare of chalk covered students, enthusiastic kids, dogs galore and just a generally fun atmosphere. There were a few examples of unwelcome stuff too…whale tails, cliche ideas (MERMAIDS!!!) and poor technique.

It was a lovely experience as always, although I confess that none of the squares really wowed me this year.

Here for your viewing pleasure are some of the better squares (taken with my phone so brace yourself)…

Good movie. Not a bad reproduction.

Disturbing? Give it time…it gets worse.

All I know is that ladies wearing skirts probably felt a bit creep-ed out.

This one was still coming together when I saw it, but it was looking good.

The mask was a nice 3D element.

Group effort.

There were 2 of these that were almost identical. This was the better one.

Yeah, she does. Cute.

One of my favs.


Another fun group effort.

And another….this one fell into that too-popular aquatic theme.

This one had a nice retro feel.


The Power To Make A Difference. Purple hair and giant eyes help.


Great job with the face.

The SCAD Equestrian Team did a few horses in a row. This was my fav.

More portraiture.


This was a great illustration…like something from a children’s book.

3D lines courtesy some cleverly placed string.

I bet your eye starts one place and ends with a surprise.

No comment necessary.

This looks better as a photo than in person, but the teeth were stellar!

Of course.

More 3D…this was very clever. I think there was a third square but I missed it.

Great job everyone.

Susan Isaacs

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