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Monday Report | 06·20·11

The Sexiest toilet , New domain names, Type]Media11 Exhibition, Clean up your CSS

The Sexiest toilet in the history of poop, from Kohler.

Want a domain name at .coke, or perhaps a email address from .apple or .nike?  New legislation will allow corporations to better manage their brands with new domain names. Read More

Check out this new font Poem Script Pro

Method & Craft gives us some PhotoShop secrets. Read More

Jared has a sweet website, with cutout paper navigation. Check it out

If you are a typophile like me, you might want to check out the Type]Media11 Exhibition Opening. Do It.

If you are a developer, this site may hurt your feelings.  CSS Lint is a sweet online tool to help you clean up your CSS.  Learn More

Ladies, this is Futura

James Donaldson

While he swears he won’t design for internet explorer and is unable to breathe without his iphone, James is generally an easy-going guy who can be convinced to do almost anything if there’ll be food involved.