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Free Font Friday: Mistral

A hilariously outdated and girly '80s-style font.

Designed by URW, 1992

At first glance, Mistral is a hilariously outdated and girly ’80s-style font. But when used right, it can be an interesting and beautiful typeface in the vein of Roger Excoffon et la fonder Olive. This flamboyant script was exaggerated even more by being printed in hot pink and blazoned on the poster for the 2011 film, Drive.  But, in defense of a perhaps “campy” choice for the movie poster font, what Mistral brings with it’s retro flair is an…

“unusual mash-up of art-house style and commercial genre.”

No doubt, when you see those bright pink letters, you will see Drive as much more than your standard crime thriller. Side note, the more you listen to the Drive soundtrack, the more Mistral seems like a valid choice, for everything.  Tread lightly.


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James Donaldson

While he swears he won’t design for internet explorer and is unable to breathe without his iphone, James is generally an easy-going guy who can be convinced to do almost anything if there’ll be food involved.