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2013 Telly Awards

The creative types around here really know how to bring it.


We need to make some more room on the table for some more (quite lovely and elegant) things with wings!

The creative types around here really know how to bring it  – and another flock of Tellys has landed. We won eight this year – three First Place Silver and five Second Place Bronze Awards.

So what is it exactly? Designed by the same firm that makes the Oscar® and Emmy®, the Telly statuette is nearly 12 inches tall and weighs more than 4.5 pounds (weighty!)

But beyond the physical the Telly is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs (phew!) and we’re honored to have been recognized once again.

It’s especially gratifying that our ongoing campaign with AWOL, Inc., a registered 501(c)3 that provides arts and technology education for at-risk youth, was honored. The 2K Strong piece has also been recognized by the dailydoGooder, a website that highlights one excellent cause video every day and Video Infographics, a site for curated motion graphic videos that explain, educate, or inform.

2k Strong Appeal
Client: All Walks Of Life Inc. (AWOL)
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
Sound Design: AWOL Inc.

Wicked Opportinities
Client:     Kedge
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies

The War on Stupid
Script: Patrick Rogers
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
Sound Design: Patrick Rogers

Sqwincher Squeeze
Client: Madgenius Creative Fusion
Script: Madgenius Creative Fusion
Motion Graphics: Andrew Davies
3D Animation: Philip Joyner
Editing: Andrew Davies
Sound Design: Madgenius Creative Fusion
Shooting: Madgenius Creative Fusion

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