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Friendship Pander Oxymoron? Fear Pester Ominous? Forward Pact Overblown?

No! For Print Only.

And they featured our 2012 Holiday Mailer Elemental Deck of Cards. Yay! Thank you so much!



Launched in 2009 — and now in its second iteration FPO is a blog dedicated to printed stuff – as founders Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit put it:

“An opportunity to celebrate the failure of print to die.”

It’s one of six sites launched by UnderConsideration LLC — others being Speak UpBrand NewQuipsologiesThe Design Encyclopedia and Word It  — that have been part of the growing dialog in design and the broad appreciation of the practice made possible by the reach of the web.

It’s always great to be recognized by folks whose work we respect – we’re just tickled. Oh – you can also buy a deck for those Card Heads on your gift list.

Also – it’s a good reminder… Christmas is just around the corner. (What?! Already?! I know!!)

Guys – have we put this onto the schedule yet?

Alison Christie

With a Major in witty comebacks and a Minor in motherhood, Ali is all about the words and has been sharing them liberally with all and sundry for years. Oh! The stories she could tell, but for those million dollar non-disclosure contracts she has signed. Moving swiftly on.