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Holiday Mailer 2015

This year we wanted to give a useful and beautiful sort of a something. Something that could be used now, or used later. Wrapping paper!

Holiday mailer time wrap up (goodness) again!

Yup. And this year we decided to run with that idea that’s been a little niggle in the back of the collective brain for some time now.

Every year we send friends (and clients, who are friends, so I guess FRIENDS) something to say thanks for choosing to work with us. This year we wanted to give a useful and beautiful sort of a something. Something that could be used now, or used later.

Assembled Holiday mailer

Wrapping paper!

(And you can read more about the design and printing process here.)

We also put a booklet of wrapping instructions together because, well, wrapping can be tricky.

Holiday mailer wrapping cover

Apology Wrapping inscructions

Cylinder wrapping instructions

cat trap

Still. Tricky or not, we do use the stuff. According to the recycling industry, Americans consume some 85 million tons of paper products annually. Some estimate as much as half of that is made up of packaging and wrapping. That’s right. That’s a whole lot of pretty right there, and we thought it would be good to add some more options into the mix, with our very own wrapping paper line at Paragon Papers.

We had some previous experience rolling items for mailing, so Susan had all the dowels we would need. I would never have even thought. The skill set around here – I tell you. It’s some kind of specialized.



And there’s nothing quite like spending hours coming up with the packaging look, only to have it, well, marred by wildly uncoordinated stamps. We have this great idea for USPS. Come up with 4 palettes, and make all your stamp series belong to one of ’em. Then the visually obsessed, like us, can pick the right colorway. No. Really.

In my years at Paragon, I’ve now been involved with the packaging of several mailers, both for us and for our clients. And I am always fascinated as we troubleshoot the production line live. We almost never finish as we began, and the beginning has always been carefully considered by us trusty packing elves as delivery date draws near. I guess the take away here is that there’s no lesson on doing like actually doing.


DSC_0059 DSC_0054

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