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Free Font Friday: Moonshiner

Before Mattox Shuler released his rustic font Bourbon he tested the waters with an early version he called Moonshiner.


Type Style:  Condensed, Antique Serif

Suited For: Display

Weights: 2

X-Factor: Two Styles (Lines and Solid, with Italic alternates)

Like Bourbon, Moonshiner is a condensed display typeface inspired by serifs from whiskey bottles and old packaging. The letters play well with subtle, distressed textures or a nice, good-ole script. If you like this font, I would definitely grab Bourbon to access the rough styles, which work best in large sizes with anti-aliasing set to “Smooth.” According to Mattox:

One night, the “Regular” style decided to get into a bar fight and ended up looking “Rough” with a more printed, aged feel. Bourbon Rough works great in larger sizes and with anti-aliasing set to “Smooth.”

There are two styles included, a lined version and solid type. These work really well when layered to create that old-fashioned style.

Free for commercial and personal use. You may not create typefaces from Moonshiner and cannot sell the typeface in any way.

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James Donaldson

While he swears he won’t design for internet explorer and is unable to breathe without his iphone, James is generally an easy-going guy who can be convinced to do almost anything if there’ll be food involved.