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Talented? You’re wanted. Here.

Do you have ‘mad design skilz’? Are you also really fun to be around, a hard worker and a quick learner? We’re currently looking for amazing freelancers to join our talent roster on an as-needed basis.

I am very lucky to work here. I really am. And right now, we’re looking for some freelancers to build strong relationships with – storyboard artists and 2D After Effects motion designers/animators. If this is you, we’d be lucky to have you. I hope you’ll reach out so we can talk.

So Paragon Design Group. I like it here. You might even say, I stalked these guys just a little. Susan was one of the first people I met when I moved to Savannah twelve years ago. So they were friends first. And then one day, I saw that they were looking for a Project Manager. I found the ad online. And after scolding them for not letting me know, I applied, and tried, and got the gig.

And here I am. Still. I’ve worked in a lot of places. A lot. And this is the longest I’ve ever stayed in any job. And actually, this is true for James too. I think that says a tremendous amount about a company. I’ll just leave this here for you to think about.

If I had to ELI5 what is so great about Paragon. It’s a workplace where everyone tries. Maybe it’s as simple as that. Everyone cares, everyone tries and everyone is very happy to be here. I like and respect these fools. Turns out, that works really well. Here are some of the other qualities we look for in a person:

Are you…
Interested in learning new stuff?
Good at problem solving?
Able to work well with others but you’re also great on your own?
A sweater of the small stuff (attention to detail is very important!)?
Good at time management and have a healthy respect for deadlines?
A person with a good attitude and the ability to embrace strong feedback?
Able to communicate well with humans and some (not all) marsupials?

Some job specifics below.

2D After Effects Motion Designers/Animators

Must have
– ability to adhere to provided storyboards
– ability to rig & animate 2D characters
– ability to bring 2d graphics & charts to life
– familiarity with 3D camera in After Effects
– ability to incorporate VO and music tracks into projects
– ability to collaborate with creative director and storyboard artist
– perform Q/A review of your own work

Required Skills:
– Photoshop
– Illustrator
– After Effects

Desired (but not deal-breaker) Skills:
– Storyboarding
– Cinema 4D

Storyboard Artists

Must have
– experience creating visually compelling storyboards in various illustration styles (and show your working)
– ability to collaborate with creative director and animator
– perform Q/A review of your own work

Required Skills:
– Photoshop
– Illustrator

Anyway. Hope to hear from you soon. Here’s where to apply.


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