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Break The Ice – Paragon’s 2016 Holiday Mailer

It's a fabulous holiday trivia game to ease you through those awkward silences at those once-every-364 family gatherings!

Along with drinking egg nog, eating fruitcake (well, some of us) and breaking out the furry boots (what? It gets cold in Savannah!) we also have this thing we do every year: our holiday mailer. Our YUGE annual race to get something glorious out to our clients and friends to say thanks, we appreciate YOU.

This year we decided to make a little something to help break the ice at those annual, you-haven’t-seen-them-for-a-whole-year family gatherings, oh man, what to talk about?

Forget conversation – challenge them to a little holiday trivia!


But first, a little run through the process.

Of course, after the research and design, there’s still that part we like to call PAIN, I mean ASSEMBLY.

This year we coerced two lovely friends to help us out, bringing total elf count to four. They saved our bacon – BIG thanks to the Ramlogans. You are top notch humans.

Step one: assemble boxes. We’ve become quite good at this.


We had 60 trivia cards, but they didn’t arrive collated. We got to do that. So we laid out 200 cards and started working through the questions. This was probably the most time-consuming part of the process.


We used the table AND all the chairs too. We’re equal opportunity with surfaces like that.

Then after a heated debate on how to address the tissue paper issue: Crumple? Origami? (Crumple of course, we’re always working against the clock) we unleashed the least Type A person onto the box sticker task (why, people, why?) and started lining these babies up.


Then we put them all in this giant box. So neat!! (Actually SO HEAVY is the message I’m wanting to impart here.)


This may not have been our best idea, but those awesome ladies at the State St Post Office lat us reverse up to the back door and tip this monster into their mail bin. We love those ladies. They are always ready for us.

You want to play too? SURE. Here are a few of my favorite questions:

How did you do?

That’s a wrap on this year’s mailer and the another year at Paragon. Wishing you and yours a peaceful and chilly-free holiday season.

Alison Christie

With a Major in witty comebacks and a Minor in motherhood, Ali is all about the words and has been sharing them liberally with all and sundry for years. Oh! The stories she could tell, but for those million dollar non-disclosure contracts she has signed. Moving swiftly on.