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[infographic] How to Plan an Effective Nonprofit Explainer Video

We quickly go over the 9 questions you need to ask in order to ensure an effective nonprofit explainer video.

Explainer videos are known for making the complex easy to understand. They work. We’ve seen it ourselves having done a few of them for World Vision,UNICEF and The Bush Center.But without a plan nonprofits run the risk of wasted effort and time.

So I thought it’d be useful to break down for Communications or Marketing managers of nonprofits, the 9 questions needed to plan for an explainer video. This plan makes sure you’re getting a video that informs, entertains and engages.


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Andrew Davies

Drew's degrees in Illustration, 2D animation and Broadcast Design, and his volleyball skillz mean he can get your design done and play well with others at the same time. He’s the Creative Director at Paragon and will call you out if you start hanging out with shady-looking fonts and messing around with whacked-out color palettes.