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From the Cutting Room Floor

The cutting room floor is a mess of profanity and strange rabbit trails so we decided to sweep it up and share them with you.

We create websites for clients of all sizes. From Fortune 500 companies that need to deliver important messages to their employees to ice cream shops that want to sell their creations to the world, we’ve built sites to help companies connect with their customers and employees.

Once the planning, design, and builds are complete but just before the shinny new site rolls out, the process of training the future site managers begins. How to manage their products, check responses from forms or quizzes, how to add a new promo and adjust their meta data. All the things it takes to make a site successful. We make all of this information easy to understand using step by step instructions in the form of training videos.

Years ago, before we began producing training videos, we would wrangle the schedules of multiple people, get them in a room or screen share, and take a few hours to go over each detail of the CMS. Usually by the 30 minute mark the glassy eyes and head nodding would set in. A clear sign they were overwhelmed or had been replaced by robots. We decided on the former and began stuffing training into bite sized videos. Like pizza rolls.

We’ve created training videos for years now and have found it’s the best way for a client to learn to use their CMS. Videos give them space to take it all in at their own pace and provides a library they can always reference if they have questions or need to train a new user. Users from some of the largest companies around to the shops down the street have listened to us explain just how to edit a slideshow image and how not to copy text straight from a word document.

Of course, along the way we’ve made our fair share of mistakes. The cutting room floor is a mess of profanity and strange rabbit trails so we decided to sweep it up and share them with you. We hope you enjoy.

Philip Joyner

Not only can the man stare down CSS code until it writes itself in sheer terror, but he is famous around 220 E. Hall St for what we like to call his “happy dance”. Few have seen it, and those who have can’t get enough.