Alison Christie



2017 Prediction Roundup

What's on the cards for 2017?

Break The Ice - Paragon's 2016 Holiday Mailer

It's a fabulous holiday trivia game to ease you through those awkward silences at those once-every-364 family gatherings!

Getting all meta about blogging

Blogging. Are we still doing this in 2017?

How Magazine's Promotion & Marketing Design Awards

Paragon's Holiday Mailer is featured in the Fall 2016 edition.

Ugly never looked so good

The power of color to persuade.

Telemarketers on the office line. Again.

Paragon, like every other company out there, receives dozens of telemarketing calls and robocalls. Every day. What to do?

Talented? You're wanted. Here.

Do you have ‘mad design skilz’? Are you also really fun to be around, a hard worker and a quick learner? We’re currently looking for amazing freelancers to join our talent roster on an as-needed basis.

Words that Work

It turns out that words really matter when it comes to crowdfunding success.

Holiday Mailer 2015

This year we wanted to give a useful and beautiful sort of a something. Something that could be used now, or used later. Wrapping paper!

Compliments of the Season - Holiday Mailer 2014

Because no-one likes a ring on their fave table.

Annual Reports Reimagined

Scalable, targeted, purposeful, engaging and, most importantly, measurable.

Beating Back the Bad Bots

Fake traffic is more difficult to spot and to quantify.