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4 Reasons Why Regular Microsite Design Updates are Necessary

Changing the look of a benefits microsite is more than just a facelift. It’s a signal to employees about your client’s commitment to a great employee experience.

4 Roles for Design in Effective HR Communication

Giving designers a more integral role on HR teams can help companies stand out in a competitive job market by creating a more attractive and memorable employee experience.

8 Tips for a Professional and Engaging HR Portal Demo Video

How to make the most out of your next portal demo video project, whether you’re hiring an outside vendor or doing it yourself.

What’s new in our HR Communicator’s Toolkit: 2023 Update?

Our bag of digital tricks is always growing as we develop new ways for our HR partners to engage with their clients' employees. This is a roundup of all the new digital tools we built over the past 12 months. Here's to a more engaged 2023!

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What You Need to Know About Planning an HR Benefits Microsite

Producing an effective HR benefits microsite that works for all employees starts with a clear plan that considers their state of mind.

What Employees need to see on HR Benefits Microsites

A benefits microsite is more than just an online version of a printed brochure. It involves careful consideration of what employees need to see and be able to do, based on where they’re at in the employee lifecycle.

How can HR teams properly use QR codes?

Here are a few best practices so HR teams can make the most out of QR codes.

2 QR Code mistakes HR communicators should avoid

In the rush to adopt QR codes, however, we’ve seen how they can be implemented poorly. We’ve noticed 2 in particular that seem to come up repeatedly in HR circles.

How are QR codes currently being used in HR?

HR teams have noticed that QR codes have gone from trendy nuisance to invaluable communications tool. Here are 4 ways QR codes are being used in HR right now.

4 Reasons why you should use a video hosting platform for HR videos?

When thinking about how to include HR videos on a benefits microsite, consider using a video hosting platform. They solve bandwidth and storage issues while giving you valuable insights into employees’ viewing behavior.

How to decide on the right number of menu links for an HR microsite

Here are 3 questions to determine how many HR microsite menu links work best in any given situation.

Tabs vs Accordions: Which is better for lengthy HR microsites?

Here’s how to decide when to use in-page tabs or accordions to shorten those lengthy benefits pages.