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3 Ways Nonprofits Benefit from Explainers

See how other nonprofits are using animated explainer videos to improve their visibility and boost campaign outcomes.

[infographic] How to Plan an Effective Nonprofit Explainer Video

We quickly go over the 9 questions you need to ask in order to ensure an effective nonprofit explainer video.

Dating Advice For Your Online Store, Pt 6

The final installment goes over what NOT to do when designing your online store.

Dating Advice For Your Online Store, Pt 4

Browsers and Bargain Hunters - some advice on bringing them closer.

Dating Advice for your Online Store, Pt 3

We're back with more advice on how to get your online store into long and meaningful relationships... With customers.

Dating Advice For Your Online Store, Pt 2

Understanding your prospects.

Dating Advice For Your Online Store, Pt 1

A love story - E-commerce style.

Storyboard examples

Storyboards: What Clients need to know

Don’t skip this crucial step before starting your next explainer video. No, really!

What we can all learn from People’s Liberty

Innovation must be disruptive. | The future of a city is determined by who gets involved. | Philanthropy is more than cutting checks.

2016 Prediction Roundup

...none of us works in a vacuum anymore, disciplines adjacent to ours are increasingly influencing the work we do. So we need to understand the directions that other jobs are going too.

Data Viz in the Wild: How Much Sugar is in Your Snack Food

Data visualization at YMCA. Also, whats up with the sugar content in Grape Juice?!