Andrew Davies



ConvergeRVA 2014 Wrap Up

Why and how you should get off your lazy bum and start doing your own side projects right now.

Accenture, Still Thinking About Those Bi Lions in Toronto

Misspellings happen. It's when they keep happening that it becomes confusing.

Everything is Awesome! Including Graffiti

I'm just hoping there's a hair piece in the making.

Case Study: Producing an Explainer Video for a Highly Technical Software Product

Skipping vital stages of the process, especially storyboarding, doesn’t guarantee a quicker process, it might even make things take longer.

Save Time and Money on Your Next Explainer Video

Have a plan and follow it!

A Call-to-Action Cautionary Tale

Making it hard for customers to purchase.

Explaining Sensitive Subjects with Your Animation

Sensitive issues, by their very nature, make people uncomfortable and are hard to talk about, let alone illustrate.

Our Adventures at Southern Fried SXSW 2014

This year we were pleased to be involved with the state of Georgia's plans to attract attention to all the cool things happening in our fair state.

Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Business-Types

What Can Designers and Business Folks Learn from Each Other?

Credit card fraud infographics for American Express

American Express wants us to know about ways we tend to leave ourselves, and our credit cards, the most vulnerable.

Sometimes Great UX is All in How You Say It

You're probably already familiar with the practice of building a creative 404 page