Philip Joyner



What to Consider When Choosing Between Creating an E-Brochure or a Microsite

As a versatile benefits or campaign communications tool, microsites offer plenty of advantages over one of their predecessors, e-brochures. But in return, they require considerably more resources to create and maintain.

From the Cutting Room Floor

The cutting room floor is a mess of profanity and strange rabbit trails so we decided to sweep it up and share them with you.

It's OK to be terrible

Babies fall, small children can't read, teenagers can't drive and adults just don't understand Pokémon Go.

Site Security: Making it Happen

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the idea of site security. After all, if huge corporations can't keep hackers out, what chance do you stand?

Site Security: What's the risk to me anyway?

Everyone understands why the big players get hacked - but your site is attractive to hackers and phishers too.

Data Storage Solutions

At Paragon we produce a lot of data. A whole lot. Managing that much information and coming up with a data storage solution is a full time job and in a lean company this can be a challenge.

WordPress @ 25%

WordPress is now used by more than 25% (actually 25.9% as of this week) of the top 10 million websites in the world.

Flash is Dead

At Paragon, we’ve had a long history with Flash. We’ve used it to build intros, logo animations, full sites with XML based dynamic content, quizzes, animated training scenarios, kitchen sinks… We even made a game.

Twitter XSS Hack

Tweetdeck was attacked by an interesting little hack. Annoying, but not a big deal. Also interesting to codeheads.

Responsive Design is Base

Web development changes quickly. Here are some bits that we really like.

Doing More with LESS.js

Are you sitting? You’re a front-end developer, of course you are. Let’s begin.

Python S3 Sync Helper

At Paragon we back up everything.