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Combining Convenience and Security: The Benefits of Authorization Links

Want to deter prying eyes from seeing the proprietary content on your benefits microsite, without ruining the employee experience? Just sharing passwords won’t be enough. Use a special URL that automatically logs employees into secure microsites.

Streamline Employee Access to Benefits Information with Customized Content

Providing customized content on benefits microsites to different groups of employees can be challenging for HR departments. Our solution uses a single microsite with a CMS that allows HR departments to selectively assign content blocks to specific groups, streamlining the employee experience and simplifying the process of maintaining the microsite.

6 Simple Ways to Protect your HR Microsite

Protecting your HR microsite from malicious attacks doesn’t require a Masters in cybersecurity. Just stick to these six key strategies and you’ll be able to sleep better knowing your website is secure.

3 Ways to improve search on HR microsites

Current search options for HR microsites are either woefully inadequate, complicated to implement, or too costly. That’s why we created a new solution that better suits HR teams’ unique needs.

The Benefits of using a Document Manager on HR microsites

Paragon’s new Document Manager keeps all the important documents on an HR microsite well organized and up-to-date regardless of changing filenames.

HR Microsite Analytics Explained

Here are the 13 most important metrics to track on HR microsites, and what they mean.

How to get the most out of your Decision Support Quizzes

To make sure your decision support quiz will work well, use automated testing.

How we made web analytics easier for HR microsites

Maintaining a successful benefits microsite is much easier with an analytics dashboard that curates the relevant data from the mountain of information collected by Google.

How a chat-like experience can help employees navigate your client’s benefits microsite

Not ready for AI? With a chat-like navigation tool, your clients can still leverage the benefits of a chatbot on your benefits microsite, without all the down-sides.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Creating an E-Brochure or a Microsite

As a versatile benefits or campaign communications tool, microsites offer plenty of advantages over one of their predecessors, e-brochures. But in return, they require considerably more resources to create and maintain.

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