Philip Joyner



A Note on Data Mining

Tracked/mined data is used to give users better search results, targeted ads, restaurant recommendations, map locations, directions and more.

How I Made My First iPhone App... Or, How Not to Make Your First iPhone App

Sharper than Steve Job's acid washed jeans.

FieldTrip - Our First App

It started with a simple idea

Paragon has PMS

Our Project Management Systems evolution.

Oatland Island - Wandering through its history (Photos)

Broken tile, peeling paint, old letters, rusted metal...

SUAF: Event Pre-cap

An action-packed week!

SUAF = Saving Urban Arts' Future

What an event line-up!

5... 5 Dollar... 5 Dollar Footloooooong

The power of a motivated audience

TextBlurb - Our WordPress Plugin Offering

A simple but very handy little tool.

Direct Mail Pieces Are Bad

And throwing the pieces in the recycling bin without really reading them still doesn't sooth the irritation.

To Nationals!

A TV Show Package that's going places.

The Monday-After

2009 Addy Award wins