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Anthem: Private Exchanges

Finding insurance solutions in the private exchange

Anthem: Narrow Networks

Find the coverage needed with select providers

Anthem: Wellness Programs

Wellness Program to improve employee health

NYU New Student Send-Off

Parents questions answered while students connect

Linkedin Job Switcher

Why and how people switched jobs in 2015


Produce better software, faster

Trade Trapper

Automated trading with the Trapper Bot


Using data to develop learning systems for children

Gavin Management Group

Cut through the clutter to make a confident decision

You need an explainer video to...

Get Your Message Across

Information like changes to healthcare benefits, retirement packages or rewards initiatives are complex and important. But, sometimes can be boring. Plus, you're in competition with all the other bits of content bombarding your colleagues' already dwindling attention spans. We can take your complex message and distill it into a story that engages.

Leave a lasting impression

It doesn't matter how important your message is, if it's boring no-one will remember it anyway. A great explainer video makes information entertaining, memorable and worth spreading.

Look good

High production value keeps the focus on your message and improves the engagement level. Sure you could try and record a screencast of your power point presentation, but we've actually won Tellys for our work, and we help our clients put their best foot forward.

Spread it Around

Use your video in an internal presentation, on the company intranet, or even weave it into a custom-built microsite. Trust us. More than 60% of the time, your audience would prefer to watch a short video than read the copy.

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"Paragon has been awesome! Not only do they know their technology, but they bring ideas to the table (creative, process and technology). And they are dedicated, responsive and sensitive to our deadlines."

Gina Walker

"Outstanding work! One of the most professional contractors we've ever done business with. Hit every deadline, completely professional, and the final product exceeded our expectations."

Julian Clayton

"Working on the Wicked Opportunities with Paragon was a great experience. They just told us to explain it in our own words, and took that and turned it into something that we’ve shown all over the world and that people instantly understand. Whenever I work with this team, they inspire me to greater creativity."

Frank Spencer IV


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