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Clients come to us to help them put their best foot forward getting their brand and message out into the world. Sometimes this means finding an elegant way to elevate simple printed collateral, particularly in a digital world where it’s harder to rise above the noise and make an impression.

What we did:

  • Concept Development
  • Print Design
  • Three Dimensional Magic


Blind Embossing! This refers to a method of pressing an image into a substrate to create a three dimensional design without the use of any inks – it’s a high quality, elegant technique that leaves a strong impression. While this technique is more commonly used for creating impressions of text and logos, we’ve also employed it for recreating real world items.

In instances where either the message of the piece or the brand itself evokes something nostalgic, we’ve chosen to use blind embossing as a way tune into that. By combining photography with the three dimensional sculpting capabilities of trusted print partners, we’ve been able to produce realistic recreations in paper.



In this first example, Christ Church was wondering if there was a way to feature their marble altar’s carved angel on a card. Once we had a look at the altar we were struck by the presence of the carving and began to explore how best to recreate the same effect in print. We felt that a photo would not do it justice. Armed with a collection of photos of the altar, we worked with diemakers to closely replicate the detail of the carving in the print plates. Once we were able to successfully recreate it, we chose to produce a pristine white card with nothing but the angel on the front.



When the Savannah Economic Development Authority wanted to send a Thanksgiving card that included an invitation to experience Savannah’s famous hospitality, we felt that the best way we could do that in print form was to simulate the feeling of being welcomed through the doors of an elegant historic home. The city’s downtown is filled with many stunning examples of antique hand-carved grand entry doors and we scouted every square taking photos while looking for the perfect pair.


Ultimately we crafted exactly what we needed by compositing features from more than one home, and then combining that with photography we took of a thanksgiving wreath in order to create the perfect die (print plates).

The final product shows the relief carved into the doors in great detail, topped off with a wreath fitting for the occasion.




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