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The Challenge

Cigital SecureAssist was a complex technology platform that needed simple pitch video. Unfortunately they’d already begun the process with another studio that was struggling to meet the challenge, creating a frustrating experience for everyone involved. We began the project by jumping in mid-stream to salvage what we could and get the client to the end result they were hoping for, on deadline.



What we did:

  • Storyboards
  • Animation

The Solution

It’s never ideal to join a project already in progress but  something had to be done! We dove in head-first and quickly realized that, unbelievably, no storyboards had been created, despite the fact that animation had already begun. We knew that the only thing to do was to start from scratch. We immediately cranked out some sketches, got our client’s sign-off, and swiftly moved on to fully styled storyboards for the client to review. Only after the client approved the storyboards did we begin the animation process.

Cigital SecureAssist Explainer Video sketch boards

Skipping this crucial first step of presenting storyboards to the client was unfortunately what went wrong with the previous studio’s approach.

Cigital SecureAssist Explainer Video sketch

Some early sketches to explore how we would depict insecure code.

initial_boards_Artboard 5

initial_boards_Artboard 4

initial_boards_Artboard 3


final_security_wait_Artboard 23

final_security_wait_Artboard 24

final_security_wait_Artboard 25



While it’s not always glamorous to inherit a project that’s already underway, there’s still no better feeling than helping a client achieve a successful outcome.

“This is awesome! Absolutely love the video.
The animation is outstanding, the music is good, and Paul’s voice over is great!

– Casey C, Cigital


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