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The Challenge

Update the look and UX for the annual corporate report put out by Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA). SEDA switched to a digital report for their 2012 review and wanted to change things up for the fifth digital version.

What we did:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

The Solution

We took a look at the content for the report and streamlined the layout of each page. Part of our client’s challenge was gathering the necessary data from the various business units so we wanted to develop a version that could tell the story clearly, but with less words.

To break up the text we used icons and graphs as much as possible, making the content more skimmable.

The building block of the design for the report were article cards that visually distinguished each piece of content from the next. This system provides a consistent format for the content making the content easier to skim.

Finding fresh, large format images is frequently a challenge for companies who often don’t want to use stock photography, but also don’t have the budget to cover hiring a photographer every year. The approach we took meant most of the content was nested inside accordions which allowed us to use smaller images.


An advantage of online reports over their print predecessors is the ability to include a variety of media types like embedded videos.