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The Challenge

The creators of FieldLens, a new project management app for the construction industry needed help explaining their product in a straightforward but engaging way. They naturally thought of doing an explainer video but were concerned about the amount of character animation needed to show their product in action.


What we did:

  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Sound Design

The Solution

The first issue we tackled was the look of the characters. Given the industry, we figured a flat hard-edged character design would be appropriate. It gave the piece a straightforward, no-nonsense attitude that relates to their target audience, and then we matched that with the tone of the Voice Over. Time was short so next we leapt to fully styled storyboards and then straight into animation as soon as those were approved.


FieldLens Explainer Video sketches

Like all our explainer video projects, we began with some furious sketching. Even though the timeline was tight, skipping this crucial 1st step inevitably means wasted time during the animation stage.

FieldLens Explainer Video schematic

FieldLens hand-circle

“One of the most professional contractors we’ve ever done business with. Hit every deadline, completely professional, and the final product exceeded our expectations. Would definitely use again.”

– Julian Clayton, FieldLens

FieldLens notification

FieldLens gps





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