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The Challenge

A service geared towards financial planning for high-net-worth hockey players, Gavin Management Group, approached us to help them communicate how they’re different from traditional investment firms. Knowing that financial planning is not the most entertaining subject matter, they asked us to help them create a video that their target customer would actually watch.

What we did:

  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Sound Design

The Solution

We proposed a character-driven explainer video that followed a player on the ice and as he navigated the complicated world of financial products. We began by creating our characters which included a hockey player (both in his team gear and street clothes), an approachable financial advisor and a Scrooge-esque representative of traditional firms. Next we created style frames that incorporated the characters into a few example scenarios. Once the client signed off on the look, we created full storyboards for the entire animation. The last step, of  course, was animating the story in time to the voice over and music.

Gavin Management Group Styleframe

Having very little experience with hockey we relied a lot on photo references to get the details right.

Gavin Management Group Storyboard

Gavin Management Group Style frame 02

Gavin Management Group Storyboard 02

The client was thrilled… And we’re thinking about becoming hockey fans. SPORTS!


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