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The Challenge

So there we were, happily minding our own business getting ready for the holidays, and then we realized there’s something oddly mysterious, hidden within the 2nd verse of one of our most beloved holiday songs. Well we couldn’t let this pass. We had to spread the word. Of course we did it in the form of a letterpress poster… Because really,  what choice did we have?

What We Did:

  • Concept Development
  • Design & Layout
  • Copy Writing
  • Infographic Design


Savannah Ad Federation

Some of the responses we’ve gotten:

“Loved your critical analysis of jingle bells.
If you could shed some light on Auld Lang Syne…”

“Holy Mother of Allah…Well done”

“Just got @IamParagon’s christmas card everyone’s been talking about.
It’s awesome! Thanks guys! #letterpress #badass”

“Holy crap your card was awesome.
So awesome it sucked all the sense out of me and all I can say is holy crap.”

“What a phenomenally, fun bunch of talented people you guys are!
What a GREAT and hysterical gift!! THANK YOU!!!”

Oh, and if you’re a letterpress or infographic collector,
we’ve still got a limited number available for purchase.

Jingle Bells Poster sleigh speed

Jingle Bells Poster hidden message


Jingle Bells full poster

CU-company sig


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