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The Challenge

There are thousands of  highly skilled workers entering the workforce every day that have much to contribute to our communities but who face struggles we can’t even imagine. This is the challenge facing our veterans of the 9/11 Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and our job was to clearly communicate those issues in ninety seconds.


  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • VO Coordination
  • Music Selection
  • Sound Design

The Solution

Created for the George W. Bush Institute, this motion infographic carefully walks the fine line between sympathetic and patronizing. It was important to the client that we were straightforward and unflinching in our illustration of the challenges these soldiers face, but we were careful to stay away from depictions that were too graphic.

You can read more about how we walk that fine line for other sensitive causes here.

911Vets_Artboard 8 copy 3

911Vets_Artboard 8 copy 4

Post 911 Veterans Explainer Video logo

Post 911 Veterans Artboards

Post 911 Veterans Explainer Video Artboard

Post 911 Veterans Artboard

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911Vets_Artboard 26 copy 5

Post 911 Veterans Explainer Video

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911Vets_Artboard 50 copy 3

Post 911 Veterans Explainer Video Artboard


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