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The Challenge

Take a wide variety of highly technical topics and boil them down into engaging illustrations for Samsung’s business blog articles.

The Solutions

This fun one dealt with VR as it affects live sporting and cultural events.

Check out the post here >


Showing how far reaching their technology is, this post handled their EFB hardware for pilots.


This post tackled the burgeoning field of Robot or AI driven financial services.

Read the article here >


This post dealt with the unveiling of Samsung’s new mobile payment platform called, ironically, Samsung Pay.

Check out the article here

samsung pay illustration

This post highlighted how a mobile-enabled maintenance system help airlines run on-time.

Read more here.

samsung mro design

This post dealt with security concerns about the increasing amount of police camera footage being collected.

samsung policecam

This one underscored the security risks involved in rooting an Android phone.

Check it out here.

samsung rooting design

This one deals with building your own financial app stack.

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samsung financial apps

This one deals with the trend of incorporating mobile technology into the front desk experience.

Read about it here.

mobile front desk design

This one dealt with holiday shopping trends and how technology is affecting the retail industry.

Check out the article here.

samsung holiday design

This article looked back on the retail tech trends of the year 2015.

Check it out here.

samsung yir retail design

This article looked back on the digital trends that unfolded in the hospitality industry.

Check out the article here.

samsung yir hospitality design

This one explored the digital trends affecting the financial industry over the year 2015.

Check out the article here.

samsung yir finance design


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