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What We Did:

  • Concept development
  • Storyboarding
  • Motion Graphics
  • VO coordination

The Challenge


This nonprofit started with a limited scope based on their initial target market; seniors in Virginia. Then, over the years they increased their scope to include other underserved groups like veterans. They added new divisions to represent this expansion but this caused confusion among those who knew them for their original offerings.

“Our organization and family of websites can be complicated to folks – we originally started as SeniorNavigator back in 2001 and since then have grown into an entire family of websites. But, folks often still identify us as SeniorNavigator vs. VirginiaNavigator. We wanted a video that would provide the quick and skinny on who we are and what we do.”
– Adrienne Johnson, Executive Director

Our challenge was to succinctly communicate the newly broadened scope of the nonprofit while keeping the separate divisions visible to clear up any confusion. The change in scope didn’t mean that all the represented services existed under one roof. Instead they wanted to communicate that they were a family of services; all sharing the same mission (serve the underserved), but each for their own constituents.

The way-finding metaphor drove the concept development to using icons like maps and street signs.


Get to know the organisation

Who they serve was an easy differentiator, but we were looking for what they have in common. This will help make the video succinct and useful.

Find out the ultimate problem being solved.

Each constituency has specific issues that are particular to them, but it’s important to pull back and think about the overall problem being solved. So we zeroed in on a central theme; that of people finding their way through a confusing landscape.


So far, Virginia Navigator is using the video in a variety of places. On their homepage, in social media, at presentations and even internal training sessions. And the responses they’ve received have confirmed they made the right choice using video to solve this communication challenge:

“The video has been INCREDIBLY well-received by all who’ve seen it. We have shown it to a variety of folks – from seniors and caregivers, to high-level professionals within our industry, to Board Members and Advisory Council members, and to the general public. Where we’ve had the opportunity to glean feedback (not necessarily so much via social media), all seem to agree – very easy to digest, good explanation of who we are, very impressed with the quality of the video. I have actually heard folks say “wow” after seeing it in a presentation.”


“I wanted to reach out to express our appreciation for the AWESOME explainer video you and your team created for VirginiaNavigator! We are simply thrilled with the finished product, but maybe more importantly for you to know….working with you was such an immense pleasure.”



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