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The Challenge

Savannah’s chapter of the World Trade Center organization needed an updated web presence: not just a fresh face, but they also had a functionality wishlist:

  • Password protected login areas for partners and board members to access documents and resources
  • A list of upcoming events for the Global Education Programs with registration and payment capabilities
  • Online forms and consolidated, downloadable PDFs to allow visitors to request services
  • Audience segmentation for their varied user-base
  • Salesforce integration with their mailing list sign up

What we did:

  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

The Solution

We started with fleshing out a solid sitemap. The audience segmentation helped guide us here tremendously as we worked the group relevant content for local businesses; existing partners; international businesses and finally economic development agencies. The goal was to minimize clicks to getting these very diverse groups to the all the information they needed.


Every web project starts with a bird’s eye view of the content of the site. Also known as a sitemap.



Then we do wireframes. This helps us work out content layout without being bogged down with visual details that can be sorted out later or separately. At the same time, it’s very helpful to creating content blocks, which was how this site was designed: a series of page elements to be used across the site where appropriate. Once the wires were approved, we didn’t have to design each page, rather we created a menu of the page elements, so the site really came together in development.

wtcSavannah wireframes

A few of the wireframes we created to sort out how we would treat the different types of content on each page type.


And finally we merge the styles with the layout to give an accurate view of what the final site will look like. Armed with their look book of page elements, it was up to the development team to put the site together. Using the WordPress platform, we included an easy-to-use CMS so that our client could easily update content themselves and keep their site up-to-date.

wtc homepage on laptop

wtc savannah site on tablet

Responsive design is standard on all our sites. So we make sure the site serves up a good user experience on any device.

wtc savannah on mobile