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Our Process

Script Writing / Editing

Step 1 is to crystallize your message into a compelling story complete with lead characters and plot twists. If you already have a script, we can lend our eagle eyes to ensure clarity and brevity.

What We'll Do:
  • Material Research
  • Head-Banging Against A Keyboard
  • Finalized Script


Next using graphics, icons and other illustrated metaphors we visualize the story.

What We'll Do:
  • Character Design
  • Icon Design
  • Styleframes
  • Storyboards

Vo and Music Coordination

While we're slaving away at the storyboards, we'll help you nail down the perfect voice and background track for the video.

What We'll Do:
  • VO Talent Search
  • Music Track Search
  • Final VO
  • Final Music Track


With an approved VO track, storyboards and music, we're ready to put all the pieces together and create some magic.

What We'll Do:
  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Motion Graphics Voodoo
  • Final Video
  • The Envy Of Your Peers

One of the most professional contractors we’ve ever done business with. Hit every deadline, completely professional, and the final product exceeded our expectations. Would definitely use again.

Julian Clayton FieldLens


We've made sense of software security, at-risk youth and even the future. All from the comfort of our mountain fortress.
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Lombard Odier Explainers
A leading french investment bank needed help visualizing their thought-leadership on topics impacting the future of the world's economy
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Happy Returns
Explainer Videos
A set of three explainer videos to target Happy Returns' 3 key audiences.
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University of Mary
Year Round Campus Explainer Video
Outlining the benefits of summer school
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Nonprofit Explainer Video
Using video to clear up some confusion for an expanding nonprofit
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Intelligent Marketing
Explainer Video for DX Marketing
Sharing information about complicated, data-driven services without the jargon.
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Kabbage Explainer Videos
Small Business Loans for the Real World
Letting small businesses know that working capital loans are available and affordable.
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NYU New Student Send-Off
Explainer Video for NYU
Welcoming NYU's incoming freshmen to an event tailored just for them.
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Afghan Women
Explainer Video for the George W Bush Institute
Getting the word out about the progress made by women on Post-Taliban Afghanistan.
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Linkedin Job Switcher
Explainer Video for LinkedIn
Drawing attention to why and how people change their jobs.
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Anthem Healthcare
Explainer Video Series for Anthem
Taking some of the mystery out of healthcare plans
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Gavin Management Group
Explainer Video for Gavin
Helping retired hockey players invest their hard-earned money
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2K Strong Fundraiser
Explainer Video and Site for AWOL
A grass-roots campaign in support of a non-profit that works with at-risk youth
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No Child For Sale
Explainer Video for Worldvision
Drawing attention to the plight of millions of children caught in modern day slavery
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Security from the Start
Explainer Video for Cigital SecureAssist
Showcasing a new security plugin for developers
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Welcome to FieldLens
Explainer Video for FieldLens App
Introducing an innovative communication app for the construction industry
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Post 9/11 Veterans
Explainer Video for the George W Bush Institute
Highlighiting the potential and challenges facing our veterans
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Explainer Video Reel
We help brands say a mouthful in a moment. Watch this to get a taste.

Our Thoughts On Explainer Videos

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Case Study: Producing an Explainer Video for a Highly Technical Software Product

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Save Time and Money on Your Next Explainer Video

Have a plan and follow it!

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Explaining Sensitive Subjects with Your Animation

Sensitive issues, by their very nature, make people uncomfortable and are hard to talk about, let alone illustrate.

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